The Barn Door Live - Oct 24

Welcome back...

A few things to keep in mind...West Ham and Villa (despite not appearing as such on the Yahoo game) will be two-gamers next weekend; Stoke host Wolves; and ManYoo host Rovers.  Arsenal and Spurs face-off so they'll be good candidates for you to drop them.

Here's my line-up...Given, Verm, Heiti, Ivanovic, Fab4, Kranj, KPB, Bily (I don't know if he'll play but I'm willing to take the risk to keep him at that price), Milner, DBent, and Drogba


  1. Looks like Yahoo forgot to close the barn door tonight! Oh well, an extra days trading can't hurt! Get your bargains in now! I'm guessing they are being lazy and waiting for all the results from tomorrow's games as there are 4 games to come.

  2. Anonymous11:06 AM

    just wondering you have kranj but is it wise to keep him against arsenal?