Cone of Silence

COS on Chelsea/Barca.


  1. Anonymous4:11 PM

    assier del horno sent off! i know he will only be suspended for CL games, but him getting sent off so early in the game might really annoy JM. He might not be in the lineup this week.

    Do you think maybe it's time to finally drop del horno?
    i dropped him ages ago, but i noticed you lot still have him in your teams

  2. Charles8:16 PM

    watched the match. it was a great game. messi and ronaldinho tore chelsea apart, and really barca should have scored more. 2 seemingly certain goals cleared off the line by Terry.

    but with 2 away goals against em, chelsea will have a mountain to climb at camp nou. even a 1-0 win in spain will not do, and a 2-1 win means extra time. can we see chelsea winning by 2 goals at barca? no. :) can we see barca not scoring at home? no. :)

  3. What part of the cone of silence do you guys not understand?