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Republic of Ireland boss Steve Staunton has confirmed Steve Finnan has returned to Liverpool due to a neck injury.


It remains unclear whether Finnan will be a doubt to face Charlton at Anfield this weekend.
I'm picking up Kromkamp either way.


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  2. Anonymous11:23 AM

    why would you be so foolish as to pick up kromkamp???

    why? with all the other picks this week?
    e.g. sun, eboue, bridge, ramage/babayaro, riggott......

  3. why would you be so foolish as to pick up kromkamp???

    Such hostility, Eli. I thought we were tight? ;-)

    I'm picking Kromkamp because of the rules!

    First of all, Kromkamp plays for a team that hasn't allowed a goal at home in months. If Finnan is injured, he's next in line at right back. But even better, he played at right midfield on Saturday. So he's in for both offensive and defensive (clean sheet) points.

    All that in a nice under-$6 packaged. If this is foolish, you'll find me in the corner with a dunce cap on.

  4. Sorry, Eli. Didn't realize the comment wasn't you. Should have known from the tone though.

    Anon... chill out. Let's all stay friends, okay? We love the comments and don't mind being questioned on our choices/guesses/out-of-left-field gambles, but let's keep it civil.

  5. Anonymous3:56 PM

    How about vassell....seems like a great pick is he is playing....also, since barton is out and i think sinclair is out(i dunno bout that), then what era you thinking about riera at around 5.6?

  6. Anonymous6:31 PM

    Sorry about the aggressive post. I'm one of this sites biggest fans, even though i'm probably the most aggressive poster.

    i meant the post as more a suggestion rather than an attack. if i didn't like what you guys had to say, i wouldn't keep checking back every day or so.

    about the riera pick. i think he is the best pick of the week and will probably also be the most popular.
    vassell is also a good pick for this week, if he is guaranteed a start. for some reason, he wasn't in the squad this week and i couldn't find out why. another could city pick is samaras - their new signing. he is a striker and is very likely to start seeing as andy cole is injured. he's only about 5.5/6.5 units (cba to check it up) or so.
    any man city, villa and boro players are good picks this week IMO.

  7. Anonymous7:24 PM

    I thought about samaras, but he seems like a hit or miss to me. Correct me if im wrong, but isnt he more of an air treat and target man than a striker who runs onto balls or possibly takes it out wide? Seems to me that unless he scores, he wont do well. Thats why i like vassell here instead. ALso, any news on downing and is sinclair hurt?

  8. Charles10:12 PM

    I picked up Hasselbaink soon as he grabbed his 2nd goal. Good thing I did his value shot up by more than 3!
    My team Arsenal are playing away (OH NO!) against Fulham dont think any of the players would be good picks. Reyes was subbed last week AT HALF TIME!
    Yes go for Vassell or Cole if any of em are fit. And blog-fave Milner yes Jez? ;-)

  9. Redmachina8:31 AM

    I picked Riera myself this week and Samaras. You'd expect them to get plenty of action against Sunderland.

    Emre looks a good bet too even against Bolton.

    I fancy Pompey to beat Villa, they are due something.

  10. Anonymous11:58 AM

    good point about Pompey beating Villa. I wouldn't be at all surprised really. Villa have been poor this season and have been even worse at home than they have been away.

    Pompey are due something and they've got some 2 really exciting new players (d'allesandro and routledge - they're great).

    Also, Gary Cahill is starting in defence for Villa since like half their defence is out. The villa defence isn't looking strong, so they could loose. Having said all this, I'm still going with 2 Villa players (Milner and a striker - probs Baros) and no Pompey players. I'm playing the odds basically, since the Villa players have more chance of doing well. However, last week I thought the same about BLA vs ARS and didn't go for Pedersen or Bellamy and they scored well. Anyway, I scored 118 points last week so not to worry.