Tottenham 2-2 Wigan

Spurs had to come from behind twice after two goals from stand-in striker Andreas Johansson, who gave the Latics an early lead after racing through.

Mido flicked an equaliser from a Paul Stalteri cross before Johansson netted again after a neat move involving fellow striker Henri Camara.

But Spurs replied immediately, with Defoe finishing off a Mido flick-on.

I was hoping, and with my team selection betting on a low-scoring game here. At least I had Scharner with an assist and a SOT to soften the blow.

Of course the other half of this week, I am betting on goals for Charlton and Newcastle. So expect a drab nil-nil draw on Tuesday. Sic semper.


  1. So does that now make him Ahmed "I can't believe I'm losing to this guy" Mido?

  2. only after Tuesday when Marcus "he's useless" Bent trips over his own shoelaces.

  3. Kahzaad9:37 AM

    Maybe u shud have considered that both newcastle and charlton had reasonable tough fixtures in the FA cup fixtures, so with players tired it should be a hard fought scrappy game with 2 goals at most.

    Whereas Wigan and Tottenham both had to go for the win since there is a big difference between 6 and 7 for Wigan and 4 and 5 for Tottenham.

    Thats usually something fantasy managers look out for while selecting the high scoring games.

  4. Wow, you been ripped J. At least he was good enough to put himself out there with his opinion before the NUFC/Charlton match. If he'd waited until afterwards it would have been a cheap shot but he's put himself out there to be abused a little bit if/when there are a bunch of goals tomorrow.

    Just one question for our good reader - since when do Southampton and Brentford constitute a "tough fixture"? So'ton are relegation fodder in the Championship and Brentfore are League One. Not exactly Chelsea and ManYoo.

  5. All FA cup matches are tough, actually they are quite often more physically draining than a lot of PL matches.

    That's what makes the Cup so special. The magic is that the lowly teams quite often beat the big boys.

    Charlton did bag a few but Newcastle might have easily been beaten by the Saints.

  6. Charles5:59 AM

    Easy or not, all matches go for 90 mins at least.

  7. Kahzaad10:45 AM

    he he .. sorry for being that blunt.. and yes.. i did intend to stick my neck on the line and say what I did...and even if the result doesn't turn that way..the point still remains that FA cup fixtures against lower opposition does take a lot of premiership opposition.

    Just making a point for future consideration.

    That said I hope what I predict is true..I have Given and Elliot on my team!!


  8. Looks like time to give Kahzaad his props - NUFC/Charlton was a stinker. Don't know if I'd attribute it to FA Cap matches or not but regardless, even the Gamecast "sounded" dreadfully boring. Here's hoping Given actually got 3 saves in addition to his CS :-)