Advice from the (Monday Morning) Manager

Fernando Morientes insists Liverpool players would never copy Gary Neville and taunt opposition fans after a goal.
This seems a bit... premature? Cart before the horse? Counting chickens before they are hatched? Something.

Liverpool strikers haven't scored a goal IN THE CALENDAR YEAR! Let's not worry about how we're going to celebrate just yet. But if they are looking for some advice, I believe it was Tom Landry (a pantheon manager, no matter what the sport) who said, "Act like you've been there before."


  1. What Morientes has done is no different with Gary's celebration.

  2. Nonsense Jansen, Gary Neville incites hatred. Cast your mind back to when Neville stated he 'hates all scousers'.

    I hope Jamie Carragher scores one today that would be enough for me and shut those bigotted Mancs.

    If Neville had done what he did in a Glasgow derby he would have been severely punished.

  3. Anonymous6:36 PM

    crouch scores