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Rafa ready to rotate Reds
"I tried to give Carragher a rest. I used Alonso from the bench, but everybody will be used in the next few weeks. We have three away games now in a week and for sure Carragher and Alonso will be key players for us then.

"We have 10 games now in just over a month, that is the reason I decided to use other players against Birmingham.

"We will see now if we can rest more in the coming games, but we must be careful how we do it because all the games are hard.''
Liverpool are 2 gamers, but both on the road and one at Chelsea. Now Rafa says he will rotate his squad. How far out of you way do you go to pick up Crouch or Luis Garcia?


  1. god damn rotators. time for a limit on the number of players and a salary cap!!!

  2. Anonymous8:11 PM

    Hey I have a question about this week. I have Rooney up front and i got him for around 14 mil, which isnt too bad for rooney. Also, Manutd play Portsmouth, West Brom and Birmingham in 3 of their 5 premiership games following fulham this weekend. Should i keep him and kewell in mid for this saturday or pick up gerrard and sutton instead. Since arsenal's problems just got worse with the confirmation that sol isnt playing either, sutton might put up some good numbers....what do you think?

  3. tough call. sutton looks solid if not spectacular. rooney CAN be spectacular, and is playing weaker opponents in the next few weeks. but will he be playing striker? or in the midfield? for all his work and skill he doesn't seem to be among the points this year.

    as for the midfield... gerrard is $$. but kewell has been almost as good in the last few weeks and is cheaper. especially if you picked him up a few weeks ago.

    man, i'm not getting anywhere, am i? ok.. curve ball.... go 3-5-2 with kewell and gerrard as they have more games in the next few weeks.

    but that being said, rafa will rotate.

    sigh... you can't win, can you?

    neal, can you help? predictions are your thing.

  4. The way I look at an issue like that is to compare two factors for each player - what does an average game look like? what is the chance that he'll have an insanely good game.

    Of the four guys (Rooney, Sutton, Gerrard, and Kewell) - Gerrard's average game is the best and he goes off pretty frequently. Rooney doesn't have too many average games, he's a lot of all or nothing, Kewell is the opposite - he has been pretty consistent but hasn't had any really crazy matches. Sutton seems to be more in the Kewell mode but has less of a recent track record and plays for a crappy team.

    If you're just looking at this week - Gerrard and Kewell are two gamers even though one is against Chelsea, it's hard to pick against that. I'm currently in a 3-5-2 and have both Gerrard and Kewell so that's how I'm leaning for myself.

    Hope that helps...

  5. Anonymous6:51 AM

    Gerrard is a must in every team, week after week he is more valuable than Lampard. Kewell if he is injury free is must, but I don't like to have to players in the same position in my team and they both cost a lot.

  6. Anonymous10:18 AM

    What about Alonso? Since he just got rested (even though he made the fatal mistake at the end of the Bham game), isn't it likely that he'll get 2 games as a starter? He seems to take all of their set pieces involving non-penalty shots at goal as well.

  7. redmachina12:27 PM

    I have Kewell but I'm expecting him to be rested against Charlton. Rafa will try rest him before the benfica game, maybe the FA Cup match. The bigger dilema with Liverpool is who's going to play up front, and possible at the back as agger seems certain to play a few games.