Like you were sitting in the worst seat in the stadium

Blurry photos of all the goals from the weekend. Fun, but kinda pointless.


  1. defStef10:14 AM

    Not sure if you read this yet, but its all pretty much over. Yahoo! has decided to kill off the Fantasy Football league for staffing/budget type reasons. There should be an announcment on the main page today.

    I figure your next move should be to evaluate and recommend a good EPL fantasy league...for next year.

    Read it here:

  2. defStef10:48 AM

    This may be false, sorry, I read all the "I spoke to Yahoo! and..." messages and assumed it was true.

    Lashings due.

  3. yahoo has been slow to update before, and messageboards have fallen prey to trolls before too.

    I wouldn't give up just yet.

  4. I have an email in to the guy who was good enough to post our link on the Yahoo Fantasy EPL site - we'll see if that turns up any information...