The Secret of My Success...

... Chelsea edition.
Svetoslav Todorov is in the Pompey squad but manager Redknapp may prefer to match-up Chelsea's 4-4-3 system with two wide players Ognjen Koroman, a Serbian making his Premiership debut, and Wayne Routledge, on loan from Tottenham, with Andres D'Alessandro the midfield playmaker.
So all this time, they've been fielding 11 field players! Kudos to Harry for figuring this out, and if he can get 11 of his players on the pitch (plus Kiely) then more power to him.


  1. Anonymous6:59 PM

    Coleman explained: "The reason I'm playing 4-4-2 is because of Heider Helguson and Brian McBride and their partnership, as simple as that.

    "I'm not a big lover of 4-4-2. I prefer 4-4-3 but at the minute there is no way I can split that partnership up.

    Who doesn't prefer 443 to 442? lol

  2. Anonymous9:28 PM

    How about Sutton at Sunderland. I have a feeling this is his week to get it going at Birmingham. You think he will play?

  3. Anonymous10:45 PM

    Remember Birmingham scored 6+ goals and Sutton wasn't involved in a single one of them a while back. Seriously, watching him play, it looks like he couldn't score in a brothel. It's true he's playing Sunderland, but Adebayor is about the same price and is available at about the same price and is playing against a Defense that has been leaking goals (Blackburn).

  4. Anonymous2:35 PM

    adebayor is a ridiculous pick this week. away at blackburn??? arsenal are rubbish away and blackburn are a strong side.

    there are so many better players you could have picked instead of adebayor. picking adebayor is such a waste of a spot this week. i wish i could have picked 12 players this week. i had plenty of spare cash, picking adebayor is a waste.

    also, i cannot believe you (Jeremy and Neal) still have ManU and WHU players in your team this week. What is the point?
    Ashton, you only have him at 2 units cheaper than his normal price (you could have sold him this week and bought him back next week).
    Also, ManU players?? Why keep them? Next week they face Wigan away! (What a match up for RVN and Ronaldo! - being sarcastic btw). Even if I could buy RVN and Ronaldo for 10 units each this week, I wouldn't!

    Extra note, it might be the end of Del Horno now (subbed after 30 mins and it wasn't an injury. Then he stormed off)

  5. Anonymous8:38 PM

    ok. so the prices have now been updated:

    C. Ronaldo - 12.55!
    D. Ashton - 7.53!
    RVN - 16.59

    So, after wasting about 10-12 units on Ronaldo for the past 2 weeks, his price is back at what you bought him for.

    D. Ashton - only wasted one week on him. His price is back to it's starting price.

    RVN, he's still quite high, but his price might drop again tomorrow. But even RVN wasn't wasting 2 weeks for.

    I have a rule for this game, as do most people - "Field 11 players every week". Coz if you don't, everybody else on Yahoo sure will and they will gain points on you. There could possibly be 1 or 2 exceptions for 1 week breaks, but never for 2. And never more than 1 player in your team really.

  6. Hey, we never claimed that we were any good at this!

    Adebayor was a gamble, no doubt. But 8pts isn't the worst return on $6. I'm happy with that.

    As for the price updates, I don't think anyone could forsee DA dropping $3 in 2 weeks, or CRon falling $5. Sometimes you can never buy those players back and your left scrounging around the mid-list choosing between Liam Lawrence and David Thompson as your 5th midfielder.

    In years past I've had to field a crop of $2 middies like Lee Clark and James McFadden just to make ends meet.

    Sometimes this game comes down to a couple of cents when you are trying to field the best 11 for the week and I'm willing to sit on a player if I want them for the long-term.

    And when ManU are 2-gamers sometime in the next few months I'll have an extra dollar to spend AND I'll have RvN in the side.

  7. Cheers for that, I didn't notice ManUSA had a double week coming up. I'm wondering when Bolton will play their games in hand.

  8. Chris O.3:14 PM

    Adebayor ended up a fine pick this week -- had just about the same points-to-cost ratio as Frank Lampard, which is probably better than all others save a handful like Solano, Hasselbaink, and Pennant. Eboue probably falls into that category too, so for Arsenal cheapos one can't complain.

  9. lot of love here in the comments.

    thanks, all!