We have questions, we get answers

Last week we asked:
Is [Craig Bellamy] ready for two games? Can/Will he have an impact? Is he worth almost $11?
I would say so! Nothing much over the weekend, but today's match with Sunderland was always going to be the payoff. And 2 goals (marred by a stupid yellow) is pretty sweet. And he missed the hat-trick by the width of the post.

Now, do you keep him as his price goes up? Or have you already dumped him for Marcus Bent?


  1. Hell, I finally did SOMETHING right. The answer to your question is you drop him now He plays the gunners and spurs next and, yes while the gunners are not showing well, they are better than Sunderland (even if they are not showing it). Besides, ashton is at 10 - same price.

  2. Anonymous6:53 PM

    i would say field a full 11 this week. that means dropping del horno, downing, bellamy, everyone for spurs, news, wigs and cha players this week.

  3. Anonymous6:55 PM

    tonight was a great night for me! only scored about 65 points this week. but tonight i fielded 7 players and i should hopefully double my score for the week to about 130!

    i had 3 clean sheets and 2 goals tonight. first time i've scored big in a while.

  4. Charles Liew8:39 PM

    Bad week for me. Had Bentley who started 1 game, and did badly. Had Pedersen who cost bomb and did not perform. Scored big for previous weeks though! :P

    This week I'm ditching all players for Tottenham and Newcastle players. Charlton and Wigan away from home are always going to be hard.. no cleansheets perhaps, and certainly not many goals. If you must choose Cha and Wig players, go for those taking corners and freekicks, like Bullard. With Murphy gone, and Ambrose not starting matches, it's hard to see where the points are going to come from in the Charlton midfield. Rommendahl has a broken rib. Hmm.

    Oh another headache.. with Mido back from Nations Cup.. Would Jol go for his preferred 'big man small man' combo?! Meaning Mido + Keane or Defoe.. or stick to the Keane + Defoe partnership which has been producing goals of late.

    GOOD LUCK. :)

  5. Chris O.9:27 PM

    Dropped. No way I'm getting rid of Downing though.

  6. Anonymous10:27 PM

    Jol has NO intention whatsoever of leaving Mido out. If you plan on taking either Keane or Defoe... I just wish you the best. I don't have the cajones to do that meself...


  7. Just wondering about the false points Ronaldo and Ruud got especially...Will Yahoo correct them eventually?Nothing so far and it has been couple of days...Admin are so slow nowadays it seems...

  8. Not sure about the points - I remember the year before last there was a double match situation Yahoo didn't record the 2nd match and despite having many weeks to recover and make the correction, they never did.

    Maybe just a little wishful thinking on the part of someone who had the 48 point Cristiano Ronaldo last week but don't be shocked.

  9. Hey, Jon... did you ever get credit for Forsell's goal?

  10. Sorry for interrupt. I am facing a problem but not Bellamy is my marks.
    For week 26 i should get 101 marks, but the server give only 51.5 marks for me. I had send the feedback, but no respond. What should i do? Where can i get back my marks?
    Thanks for help.


  11. I'm guessing Yahoo is sorting through a ton of emails about errors in the system. I don't have an official answer since I don't work for Yahoo but I don't think there's much you can do other than hope they can catch up on all the stuff that went wrong over the last couple weeks.