Injured Gallas set to miss Slovakia friendly

Chelsea defender William Gallas has not recovered from a thigh injury and will miss France's World Cup warm-up friendly against Slovakia on Wednesday.
I wonder how much longer he's out. You have to figure that he's Jose's first choice left back when he returns (whether or not he wants to play the position).

In the mean time, I don't think Damien Duff will fill in again. So will Ferriera switch to the left to allow Johnson or Geremi to play at right back? Geremi certainly isn't a good option for fantasy managers as I think Yahoo! has him listed as a middie (Remember his great season at Boro? He was a fantasy stud!). But I don't think Jose trusts Johnson either. Will Essien cover right back?

Interesting choices for a team claiming to have 2 world-class players at every position.

Update: I failed to mention that this supposes that del Horno is out of favor. If not, he plays and is a great fantasy value at his original $5 value. At least until Gallas returns.


  1. Anonymous6:30 PM

    what about del Horny? i thought Jose took him out so he could go attend the Messi acting class...or was it being taught by Robben this week?

  2. Mahai Chelsea4:22 AM

    i have been sitting on del horny since the start of the season and sans a couple of games where he didn't make the starting lineup, he's been very good this season. however, it seems like it's the end of the road for him now. ride him or rid him, that's a decision that i'll have to make.

  3. Anonymous10:04 AM

    he still scored 5.5 points or so this week, which is good for a player priced at 5.5.

    i think you should keep him in till friday. if he is guaranteed a start keep him, if not in the squad, sell him.

  4. Mahai Chelsea1:04 AM

    i've replaced del horny with kromkamp for this weekend. can't really be bothered to wait till friday. this chelsea's 'who's gonna take to the field' thingy doesn't worth draining my brain out every week.