Cone of Silence

COS on the CL games.


  1. Charles8:43 PM

    Panic attack!

    Is Rommendahl gonna play against Newcastle? I have him! Alongside M.Bent, Ameobi, Emre and Elliot...

  2. ah, the famous cone of silence makes a reappearance. Missed you at summer's last night. Now, what are you betting on for the chelski/barthalona game?

  3. Not much that can be done about Rommedahl now - not sure if he's in or out but good luck with your cadre of participants. And here's hoping that Darren Bent gets all the points (not that I'm selfish or anything).

    Oh yeah, the Eboue bandwagon is taking on passangers starting now...wonder how Robinho and Raul like him now.

  4. the danish fox is still out with a rib injury.

  5. Charles11:01 AM

    too bad then!
    put him in coz read news he'd be back in for the FA Cup tie against Brentford.. a match which he didnt even make the bench!

    I want miracles!

    As to Eboue, yes I slotted him in straight after the Tot Wig game. U got me. Im an Arsenal fan.

  6. Not to give you false hope, Charles, but I read that Rommey is facing a late fitness test. So he's not out... yet.

    Good luck.