Drogba's knee injury causing Chelsea concern

Update, 5/12/2007: It seems that Drogba's knee injury problems have worsened.

Jose Mourinho's woes may well be worsened if Ivory Coast striker Didier Drogba is unable to shake off a worrying knee injury that has troubled him for three months.

C'mon! Is there nothing else to report today? How "worrying" can the injury be if he's been able to play and travel for the last 3 months?

What I would worry about if I were Jose is that in Drogba's absence, Crespo hasn't shown himself to be worthy of an automatic start in the EPL and Carlton Cole has shown how far from the finished article he is. And as a fantasy EPL manager, I worry because I still can't predict who will start for Chelsea week to week.

Maybe Chelsea should have bought Crouch in the summer. You know, as an option -- something different -- off the bench.

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