I'm sure it won't last...

But I'm up 88 places to 57th overall in the standings on the strength of Ashton, Dudek, Dailly, and Cristiano Ronaldo's current 48 point explosion with MGP still to come vs. Sunderland. Good times all around for your favorite blogger. Now if I could just stay ahead of Jeremy... (who will likely pass me after the ManYoo points are corrected and Breen plays tomorrow).

Regardless, my first foray this far up the table so I'm going to enjoy it while it's still there...


  1. and all along, I thought I was your favorite blogger. :-(

    Up to 48 thanks to Ruud's bonus goal. But because of ties at 10, 43 and 46 I am not actually in the top 50. Maybe after today.

    Here's hoping.

  2. and don't forget wee Stewie's role in your rise. His unexpected goal against Chelsea was surely good for a few places on your way down to double digits.