World Cup hopes look to be over

Smith, whose hopes of a place in England's World Cup squad appear to be in jeopardy, needed oxygen as he was carried off on a stretcher, and Ferguson reported it was 'one of the worst' injuries he had witnessed.
Not to kick a man when he's down, but did Smith really hope to go to Germany as anything but a spectator? Did he think it, or is this just the press looking to make an emotional story even more heart-wrenching?

Exactly which position would Smith fill in the squad? Striker, perhaps his natural postion, but one he doesn't play anymore? Or midfield, where he is neither a natural nor a regular starter.

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  1. From what I've read in the British press before yesterday - everyone seemed to think he'd make the squad as a reserve but no one could quite explain why (other than playing at ManYoo).

    To use a US analogy, think Wolff, Josh. There seem to be lots of strikers who at least haven't proven themselves to be crap yet but Wolff still seems to be in good shape for Germany.

    The bottom line - both players must have something good to hold over the head of their manager (although what anyone could have on Sven that tops what's already public is beyond me and frankly a bit frightening to contemplate).