Bizarre Gardening Accident

David Moyes' team were not helped by a bizarre ankle injury to Richard Wright in the warm-up, giving the third-choice Iain Turner a difficult debut. Wright was warming up in the goal in front of Everton's fans despite a large wooden sign requesting he use temporary nets close by. He moved the sign into the net and fell on it when he stretched to make a save, turning his ankle. For Wright, who injured himself almost three years ago after tumbling out of a loft, this was a bitter blow at a time when he hoped to re-establish himself. Moyes said an X-ray showed the goalkeeper did not suffer a break.


  1. Richard Wright has to be the most accident prone 'keeper in the world.

    I saw a story on the TV today that this is the third time he has been injured in the warm up while he's been at Everton - the second time away to Chelsea - how bizzare for a man once thought to be England's next Seaman!

  2. He said Seaman, heh heh...