Rodriguez completes move to Liverpool

Liverpool completed the signing of Argentine forward Maxi Rodriguez from Atletico Madrid on a three-and-half-year contract, the Premier League club said on Wednesday.

The deal is now subject to him gaining international clearance but he was at Anfield on Wednesday to watch Liverpool's FA Cup third-round replay against Reading
So, what do we think of this deal? It devalues Riera, Babel and perhaps Benayoun... if not also Kuyt.  But if he's listed as a forward I don't think he'll have much fantasy value himself as he'll likely be played as a wide midfielder.

Can anyone speak to his recent form? Has he been in the side for a struggling Athletico Madrid?  Has he done anything since THAT goal in the 2006 World Cup?


  1. Anonymous3:44 PM

    Gooooooool...azo azo azo!!! Yahoo! better add him as a Midfielder.

  2. Knowing Y! they will add Maxi as a striker after he scores on his debut, playing in midfield. Instead of the standard 6.02 he'll probably cost upwards of 11 units. But I'm not moaning, honest!

  3. Anonymous5:26 PM

    know wat? he will play. we just got knock out by reading. both gerrard and torres injuried in the game as well. so Maxi will play once he get the clearance.

  4. Aquilini who?! Maxi is skilled. I'm hoping he'll be added cheap and we can FINALLLY get that cheap Liverpool midfielder.

  5. i always remember him by that ridiculous goal, made me think he was a decent player, but know nothing beyond that...

  6. on La Liga Fantasy sports here are his stats:
    GP: 14
    Total Points: 45.5 (3.25 average/game)
    2 - Goals
    0 - Assists
    5 - Shots on Target
    3 - Successful Crosses
    13 - Corners Won
    16 - Fouls Won
    12 - Tackles Won
    11 - Passes Intercepted
    0 - Set Pieces goals/Penlaty kick goals/Matching winning goals/penalties missed
    2 - Yellow Cards
    0 - Red Cards
    14 - Fouls Committed.
    Looks like he had 1 week at 15pts. Most hovering between 2-7pts a week and 1 week with a minus 2.
    His Price: 9.74 (Keep in mind that IS high, Messi in this game is valued at 41.51, David Villa at 29.12, CRon at 28.76).

    ** I always thought Maxi was a decent playmaker who made good crosses. He seems to me like an older version of Modric. Very skilled ON the ball but not too many phantom points.**

  7. oh yeah, *that* goal! i was having dinner with some friends in nürnberg and i thought we would miss the match... then we came back, turned it on, and it was in extra time. and within about 30 seconds we were watching the ball fly off of maxi's foot into the far corner. unbelievable.

  8. Anonymous12:26 AM

    His stat for La Liga doesnt give him enough credit as a player considering he got a huge problem with the coach and probably got no stat for most of the time, that was the reason why he wanted to move somewhere else. + his club is having a bad season like Pool does.