Manchester Derby, Carling Cup Edition

Looks like everyone is at full strength.
1950: Manchester City v Manchester United line-ups:
Man City: Given, Zabaleta, Richards, Boyata, Garrido, De Jong, Kompany, Barry, Wright-Phillips, Tevez, Bellamy.
Subs: Taylor, Onuoha, Ireland, Robinho, Sylvinho, Petrov, Mwaruwari.

Man Utd:
Van der Sar, Rafael Da Silva, Brown, Jonathan Evans, Evra, Anderson, Carrick, Fletcher, Valencia, Rooney, Giggs.
Subs: Kuszczak, Neville, Owen, Park, Scholes, Fabio Da Silva, Diouf.
I think Petrov is an injury caution from the weekend, but interesting that Mancini has Bellamy and SWP supporting Tevez in a front three.  I guess it was to match United's similar formation.

Update: On behalf of fantasy managers everywhere I'd like to personally say f.u. to Citeh for saving this performance for the League Cup. I guess it was inevitable and we should have taken the schedule into account before the Everton match.


  1. - Does Tevez EVER get tired?! He wanted it more. you could tell.
    - Except for Rooney, Man U lack the punch to get anything.
    - Tevez price DID drop to 15 and change. so that's gotta somewhat of a consolation..
    - Read this just now:
    "Everton playmaker Mikel Arteta believes he is close to making his first-team comeback after 11 months out with a cruciate knee ligament injury..."I have been doing nearly everything in training with the lads over the last week and I am hoping to start doing contact work this coming week," he said."
    Keep an eye out. Maybe Landon won't be taking kicks in the near future.

  2. Anonymous5:34 PM

    110 pts, yet with 8 man-games more to play for. Lovely especially my nearest rivals had way lesser man-games. =)

    too bad about tevez. no man city's game. otherwise he'll be HOT. Tevez is class professional. love the way he display the "TALK TALK TALK' sign and the "can you hear me?' sign.
    fot tevez, it will be 'Scoring MWG against Man U - Priceless' .

  3. Anfield Road FC6:14 PM

    I don't think I've ever laughed so much as when I woke up one morning last summer, walked into my living room and saw that big Tevez poster being put up on Deansgate :D

  4. andieldroad
    i think you had a completely different reaction than sir alex ferguson!

  5. how awesome was the 2 goals scored by tevez against manure. ferguson has got to be having an ulcer. maybe he will retire now. why didn't tevez run the length of the pitch taunting the reds fans? he didn't even stomp on the back of rooney's head. since, adebayor did that, i assumed all disgruntled ex-players did that when they score against the hated team.

  6. Anonymous9:28 PM

    If he ever played like that at United then he might have got signed by Fergie. Or if his transfer fee wasn't massive and over-inflated? Maybe if he spent his time scoring goals rather than complaining about everything to the press. Or if he realised that running all over the pitch but actually doing nothing does not make you a world class player.

  7. @anon Tevez on excels when he is the main striker. As a secondary support player he would look like he is "running all over the pitch but actually doing nothing". The truth is, that as an Arsenal supporter, I was always happy not to see him in the line-up when playing United, cause he completely disrupts the midfield fluency by chasing down the ball all over the pitch. Frankly, he is much better suited to being the main attacker, for example his form for West Ham preceding his time at United and his current form at City. Simply put, he's class, but could never be a prolific goal scorer playing second fiddle to Rooney.

  8. i agree with jtmeis. and it kind of leads me to wonder, what on earth should argentina be doing with their attack? they haven't been able to figure out how to get the best out of messi *or* tevez.

  9. Anonymous4:38 AM

    The prices dropped a bit after the latest update, and now I have 2.16mil to spare. I thought about upgrading Aquilani to Belletti, but I'm not sure if he starts or gets more points than Aquilani for that matter. I can also upgrade Salgado, but I can't see any possible option but PRobinson (Bolton), and he's not that good, plus I'm not very sure I want 2 PRoblems in my team.
    So is the Belletti instead of Aquilani switch a good call?


  10. belletti is a great call. aquilani is a horrible fantasy player and everyone has a crush on him for some reason. mbrown for portsmouth is much better choice than aquilani he starts every game, except for the 2 he missed for suspension. people just have issues with picking portsmouth players, but in all honesty liverpool might finish behind portsmouth!

  11. Anonymous6:28 AM

    @JTMeis, well there is quick-as-lightning-Bellamy as a main "striker' there(balls always seemed to look for him first than Tevez). in fact i like to point out that Man city played a 4-6-0 at times, with both Bellamy and Tevez dropping to cover the defence. and look at Man U, hey,presto, they played the same type! with rooney dropping real deep at times. so is tevez suppose to be a striker-role? No! a forward? Yes! he is good in teams playing on counter attack as he hold the ball up well on his own(support role) and driving towards goals. there is a noticable difference between Tevez and Rooney, while Tevez spend a bit more time in the Box, Rooney don't(till the late stage seige). that was the difference. throughout the season , Tevez will prove to be a better player than Rooney as much similarities they shared. All the above are my observation and my opinions. you may agree or disagree. i'm fine with it.

  12. Anonymous12:59 PM

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