And then there were four

Wigan's Premier League match against Aston Villa has been postponed because of a frozen pitch at the DW Stadium.

The area around the pitch was cleared and passed fit for spectator access on Thursday.

However, the undersoil heating system failed late on Friday afternoon and engineers were unable to repair it.

But Arsenal/Everton should be a go.
Today's game against Arsenal at The Emirates Stadium is set to go ahead as normal.

Officials from both clubs have been in contact this morning to confirm there is currently no threat to the fixture.

There was no additional snowfall around The Emirates overnight and, contrary to reports in some areas of the media, there is no inspection planned this morning.

Good luck everyone. Live chat soon.


  1. Was up late tweaking my roster and just got up to check the news (6:30 EST) ... this is nonsense, or it it?

  2. Cheers Neal and Jeremy for being so diligent about the weather reports! Mucho appreciated!

  3. I'm WESTcoast(3:40am). check news. solidify team. back to bed.
    problem?! I don't see any problem with this... =)

  4. Agreed Owen! Worked out quite well for your timezone. I figure I can gain some ground doing it then go back to bed.

    Curious if I should gamble for a Sunday fixture guy though ... Diamanti.

  5. Anonymous6:55 AM

    OK I've just finished sorting my team out - decided to wait until this morning to do so, to get the very latest weather :)


    All but Richards are playing today (except the Mok obviously, but he's just in as an enabler). Slightly concerned about having 3 Arsenal defenders, if Everton do manage to score then that's a lot of clean sheet points lost - but then I can't see many match ups that have clean sheet written all over them. Man City possibly, but then there's always the weather factor, which is why I've just got the one player.

    So what do you reckon?

    Good luck everybody!

  6. I wouldn't risk it. BBC had 'Light snow' forecasted for greater London this weekend....

  7. Anonymous6:59 AM

    Arshavin or Giggs???

  8. Set.
    Verm/Brown/Bale (freed up the money anyways)
    Mok/Diaby/Giggs/Larrson/Modric (discount)


  9. To add ... I felt I wanted to spread it just a little bit and am not all certain either match will be a clean sheet.

  10. Barn door:
    Looking at it and Yahoo has stated on my page
    "Week 19 (deadline: Sat 16 Jan 4:00 PST, for games Jan 16 to Jan 25)"

    Which would be Sat-->Mon
    there are games on the 26th which is when the new week would start. and looking like HULL AND MAN YOO are the only double games...

  11. West Ham-Wolves is postponed as well.

  12. Anonymous7:11 AM

    yea, good news.

    anyway, it seemed like my group wasn't aware of the weather, i am definitely good to go(with only players from arsenal/brum games)

  13. Bd'd Evans at 6.88!
    United have 2 home games next 'week' Burnley and Hull! Time to stock up on Red Devils!

  14. Anonymous7:18 AM

    'Club officials have today (Friday 2pm) met with local authority inspectors regarding Saturday's home game against Manchester United (kick-off 5.30pm) who have reiterated that they are happy for the fixture to go ahead. This followed an inspection earlier in the week.'-direct from BCFC

    this is the only SURE game to go!

  15. Anonymous7:22 AM

    Man City's game a touch and go! and it look more negative than positive imo.

  16. G-man7:24 AM

    And then there were 3. Wolves - West Ham called off right after the YFF deadline! I am stuck with Franco, I am sure there are others who gambled on Diamanti, Stanislas, etc...

    What a farce this week has degraded to...

  17. Anonymous7:29 AM

    ^ this is the type of week where v-managers got to be VERY alert. i sold all my west ham players right before the dateline. and put all into arsenal/brum games. its really so critical. now i 'gain' back the numerical advantage that i lost since that postponed arsenal's game. so at least its fair up. if you ask me, next week would probably be so bad as well.

  18. So really there are two games as Man City will probably be called off. I went heavy on Arsenal as I really have no idea on how the game between Man U and Brum will end up... Still watching the game with interest as Man U have a DG coming up. I am stuck with Zabelleta, Modric and iven at big discounts though... Truly hope nothing much will happen this weekend...

  19. louis7:32 AM


    yea. I have Franco too. Checked until the last minute.


  20. G-man7:39 AM

    @anon at 7:29am - very alert how? No indicators prior to deadline that Wolves - WH game was any more likely to be called off than, say, Arsenal - Everton. At best you can say you had a gut feel.

  21. Anonymous7:50 AM

    ^ well when i said 'alert' , it means to read through this and AM's blog. there are info that games of those are of a higher risky nature. and i've been adding quite some news by trawling through those host club websites as well. someone said it came up 2 min before dateline , so if you hadn't seen it , then its too bad. no hard feelings. i feel you. lost 'massive' point advantage in my group last week. =)

  22. G-man7:56 AM

    ^ No hard fellings. Just don't like your pontification.

  23. Wintery conditions 1 - 0 Premier league

  24. Chris Jones10:02 AM

    Bah...nearly got away with it except I've got Kevin Doyle. Got Vela as an enabler as well. Wanted to avoid having Shay Given, but bowed to pressure. Here's the team...

    Verm / Traore / Evans
    Arshavin / Bowyer / Ferguson / Park
    Roonen / Doyle / Vela.

    Shame I gambled on Doyle but I thought that if the game at the Emirates is on SURELY West Ham's should be????

  25. Anonymous10:14 AM

    Where's Bily? Is Donovan taking his place?

  26. Looking like it?!
    Osman goal with assist to Donovan!
    gotta be thinking about Landon now...

  27. Denilson!!!
    Happy I chose him over Giggs and Valencia!
    NO clean sheets in this game

  28. Anonymous10:38 AM

    Good thing there isn't a Premier League team in Pittsburgh. Most of the season would be postponed.

  29. This comment has been removed by the author.

  30. Donovan looking gooooood.

  31. Owen, why would you get Evans even at 6.88? Vidic and Brown are at CB, Rafael/GNev at RB and Evra/Fabio at LB. Their defence is pretty stable and it doesn't look like Fergie will go with Evans at the moment. Just my two cents.

  32. Anonymous11:16 AM

    Merv, Vidic is out for 10 days so Evans is a good investment for this game and the next.

  33. Anonymous11:20 AM

    and its a nerve issue, so, its really something worth pondering over(as in choosing Vidic).

  34. Anonymous11:32 AM

    the weather looks bad at the arsenal's game. wonder how the rest of england is?

  35. Thinking Giggs doing a double next week won't happen ... agreed?

  36. Holy crap ... what a goal

  37. Anonymous11:46 AM

    Denilson looks to go out for quite sometime. he should never play this game. AW's fault again!

  38. Wow Arsh actually manager one shot (not on target though). Amazing. I will never select him again. Should have learned by now...

  39. Anonymous11:58 AM

    what the hell almunia doing OUT there?

  40. I have 8.13 for a middie. Any suggestions? Geovanni (DG but playing Man Utd and Spurs), Cahill (vs Citeh) or Gibson (good matchups but not a starting 11)?

  41. With Denilson out, I'm guessing Wenger is running out of options in mid. Now he has Arshavin, Ramsey (he must be dead as hell), Nasri, Diaby and maybe Cesc if he's back. I doubt Merida will be rushed in the starting 11 after only 2 sub appearances. Which makes Rosicky a good BD option!

  42. Anonymous1:15 PM


  43. Yes, I'm expecting Vidic to still be out, but the games are 7 days away and 14 so even IF Vidic is back I expect SAF to go with Vidic-Evans back middle than Wes Brown.

    I was thinking Giggs too, but the Man U games are a week apart so it might not be THAT bad as it's not a weekend/midweek game.

  44. I thought Vidic/Brown seemed to be the preferred in the center?

    Giggs could be interesting with the week apart. I wonder if he didn't start today because SAF wanted to keep him rested? He's just such a gamble for double week.

    Wish I would have picked up Rosicky this week for 6.xx, even at 8.xx doesn't seem like a bad investment. If he can stay fit (big IF)

  45. Richard Pitts4:37 PM

    I have four Man City players after being stuck with Spector, Milijas and Diamanti. Any news on Monday's game yet?

  46. Anonymous4:57 PM

    Bale did not play and somehow his price jumps by +2.94m. This yahoo game is fixed.

  47. Anonymous5:22 PM

    ^ the other possible reason will be that many v-managers get him into their line-up(i.e. me). more people getting a player means there is a demand and that cause the hike in price.

  48. Anonymous5:23 PM

    no news on monday, i am watching it, as its cancellation means my closest rivals will not gain any pts on me. i do think the decision will be made tml.

  49. The Bale thing + gutting my team based on weather only to earn 5pts today is a killer...

    Loading up on guys like Rooney/Valencia/Rafael/Brown/Evans?

  50. Gavin7:03 PM

    Rooney/Valencia/Kusz for me, but that may change. Thoughts on Giggs playing twice?

  51. Anonymous8:31 PM

    it's hard to predict man u line up... ferguson still trying to find his best mixture..=)
    evra n rooney absolutely will play.
    gigs,park,valencia gonna be rotate..
    scholes,carrick,anderson,fletcher(red)..donno who gonna be in field.
    neville/brazilian twins (also hard to predict)
    CB J.evans will play both games

    so i pick up evra n rooney

  52. Anonymous12:37 PM

    it's then there were three