Tests shed light on Spurs bug

Tests shed light on Spurs bug
"Results have confirmed that Norovirus, a form of viral gastroenteritis, has been identified in three samples taken from those affected," read the statement.

"Although no conclusion can be drawn as to the source of the illness, as the symptoms of Norovirus infection begin around 12 to 48 hours after a person becomes infected, exposure to the virus will have taken place prior to their arrival at the hotel."

Dr Alex Mellanby, consultant in communicable disease control at the North East and Central London Health Protection, shed some further light on the illness.

"Our investigation has identified Norovirus as the cause of the outbreak," he said.

"The affected cases would have been exposed to the virus before they visited the hotel and the infection was probably transmitted from person to person."
Norovirus. The new glandular fever.

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