The Hot Stove

[13:38] Neal J Thurman: Rosicky to Gunners?
[14:14] JSpitzberg: is that the latest water cooler talk?
[14:14] Neal J Thurman: soccernet feature
[14:15] JSpitzberg: interesting
[14:15] JSpitzberg: where does he play?
[14:15] JSpitzberg: who steps down?
[14:15] Neal J Thurman: ??
[14:15] JSpitzberg: in the gunners midfield
[14:24] Neal J Thurman: not sure if he's central or wingish
[14:24] Neal J Thurman: seems like he's going to be similar to Hleb
[14:24] JSpitzberg: i had the sense that he was a Cesc
[14:25] Neal J Thurman: could be
[14:25] JSpitzberg: but not sure at all
[14:25] JSpitzberg: but i can guess that a 25yr old international isn't coming in to sit on the benhc
[14:25] Neal J Thurman: I was thinking maybe he was the next Freddie
[14:25] JSpitzberg: bench
[14:26] Neal J Thurman: maybe they're counting on needing a lot of people since they'll have the Liverpool Champions League schedule in the Fall
[14:28] JSpitzberg: could be
[14:28] Neal J Thurman: I think I saw somewhere that Pool played about 70 matches this season
[14:29] JSpitzberg: squad rotation... a fantasy manager's nightmare
[14:39] Neal J Thurman: best I can find for a description is "attacking midfielder"
[14:39] JSpitzberg: "playmaker"
[14:39] JSpitzberg: that's normally central
[14:40] JSpitzberg: though not necessarily the point...
[14:40] Neal J Thurman: exactly which gives credence to your Cesc comparison
[14:40] JSpitzberg: see carrick, etc
[14:40] JSpitzberg: seems to score more for country than club
[14:40] JSpitzberg: for what that is worth
[14:40] Neal J Thurman: really, hard to believe that a Czech player might do that...
[14:40] JSpitzberg: ;-)
[14:40] JSpitzberg: list forthcoming, i assume
[14:41] Neal J Thurman: really just Baros and Rosicky
[14:41] Neal J Thurman: Koller (when healthy) and Nedved are pretty good for both
[14:41] JSpitzberg: fair nuff ;-)
[14:41] Neal J Thurman: plus, not enough people to justify a list
[14:41] Neal J Thurman: bigger question - why aren't Arsenal buying central defenders instead of attacking midfielders?
[14:42] Neal J Thurman: even if Sol stays, I'd like to see another solid center back for the squad
[14:42] JSpitzberg: diaby's injury worse than we know?
[14:43] JSpitzberg: reyes going back to spain?
[14:43] JSpitzberg: silva old and crap?
[14:43] Neal J Thurman: can't imagine any of the above would constitute the need for another attacking midfielder
[14:44] JSpitzberg: maybe he's a carrick, alonso type
[14:44] JSpitzberg: maybe it's a sign and trade
[14:44] Neal J Thurman: HA
[14:45] Neal J Thurman: to get under the non-Chelsea salary cap?
[14:45] JSpitzberg: ;-)
[14:45] Neal J Thurman: maybe they're just trying to keep him away from ManYoo, Spurs, Liverpool, or Blackburn
[14:45] Neal J Thurman: Blackburn with someone like that would be pretty impressive
[14:46] JSpitzberg: they were...
[14:46] Neal J Thurman: ManYoo could use him as well if Riquelme doesn't end up at OT
[14:46] JSpitzberg: for the 3 games in which Tugay played well
[14:46] Neal J Thurman: right

[08:19] JSpitzberg: otherwise, are you excited by the new signing?
[08:20] JSpitzberg: for a supposed star, there's not much 411 on him floating around
[08:22] Neal J Thurman: I'm not sure what to think about it...more good players is better than fewer good players...he's young...I'm hoping he sucks (for at least one game) at the WC...still haven't figured out where he plays
[08:23] JSpitzberg: true dat
[08:24] Neal J Thurman: Kuyt to Toon?
[08:24] JSpitzberg: we'll see if anyone denies it
[08:24] JSpitzberg: then we'll know
[08:24] Neal J Thurman: lol - they've all been having a lovefest
[08:25] Neal J Thurman: they love him, he loves them
[08:25] JSpitzberg: sounds like a barney song
[08:26] Neal J Thurman: this is Toon we're talking about
[08:27] JSpitzberg: childish?
[08:28] Neal J Thurman: given that they're looking at strikers (Kuyt, Eidur) when they should be looking at defenders
[08:29] JSpitzberg: honestly they need at least one of each
[08:29] JSpitzberg: would love to see the iceman line up for them
[08:29] JSpitzberg: hell, if they can grab huth at the same time that would be a bonus
[08:29] Neal J Thurman: that would be a good idea
[08:30] JSpitzberg: send milner to CHE in trade?
[08:30] JSpitzberg: though they are already home to parker and babayaro
[08:30] JSpitzberg: so they know how to do their shopping in london
[08:31] JSpitzberg: on the che high street
[08:32] Neal J Thurman: Not as impressive a set of names but Defoe/Kuyt/Eidur are much more likely to be available for 30-40 matches/season
[08:33] JSpitzberg: not as impressive as... ?
[08:33] JSpitzberg: sheva?
[08:34] JSpitzberg: i think defoe will want the danny murphy clause at his new club
[08:34] JSpitzberg: ie, you will play
[08:34] Neal J Thurman: I mean Defoe/Kuyt/Eidur not as much glamour as Owen but more likely to actually produce
[08:34] JSpitzberg: not that that worked out well for danny murphy
[08:34] Neal J Thurman: right
[08:34] JSpitzberg: wouldn't expect a defoe/owen pairing
[08:34] JSpitzberg: too similar, right?
[08:34] JSpitzberg: tot all over again
[08:34] Neal J Thurman: right...
[08:35] Neal J Thurman: but Kuyt/Defoe would be great
[08:35] Neal J Thurman: or at least pretty good
[08:36] JSpitzberg: kuyt/owen?
[08:36] JSpitzberg: either really, but owen is already there
[08:36] Neal J Thurman: would be better but might make it difficult to afford Huth and Eidur
[08:37] JSpitzberg: we're still talking nufc, right?
[08:38] Neal J Thurman: lol, yes
[08:38] JSpitzberg: ok... so it's owen +10, right?
[08:38] Neal J Thurman: until they decide to sell ;-)


  1. boob_omatic10:52 PM

    I would agree with you guys on Huth/Eidur. Newcastle seem to have a great attachment with Chelsea players. Wouldn't surprise me if Huth/Eidur be seen in black and white stripes next season.

  2. i would prefer to see small forwards in toon attacking line up. defoe + owen. reduce the long passes/crosses, introduce more attacking and short passes. with their pace, big defender like rio, hyppia or even campbell might have problem to guard them.

    toon are now linked with swp. another pacey-but-small-player. i still prefer if toon buy van buyten, he good and he score goals.

    oh, i read in bbc arsenal might activate 12 mil clause on owen. interesting. if it's for real, interesting to watch henry + owen spearheading arsenal attacks supported by rosicky + ljungberg + cesc + silva/zakora.

    if it's a done deal, would u prefer to have them both in you team or choose either one of them? but who'll it be? henry or owen?

    another headache for yahoo manager.