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Liverpool Back In For Me - Kuyt
Feyenoord striker Dirk Kuyt has claimed Liverpool have expressed fresh interest in signing him and he would like to move to the Premiership.
This is certainly not a negotiating ploy to wring more money from Newcastle. No. Nope. Didn't happen with Owen. Nor did they do it with Rooney the year before. This is real news. Honest.


  1. Kuyt going to Liverpool is great news. He is the kind of players that WILL get goals. And Liverpool desperately need someone like that. It could work very well for them.

    He seems very different to the rest of the Liverpool squad. Seems to be a big contrast. It would be like RVN going to Liverpool. And I think Kuyt and RVN are the same sort of player.

    This could be a great signing for Liverpool, and they might be pushing for the Top 2 next year with him.

    It wouldn't be too bad if he goes to Newcastle either. They need a second class striker and with Owen already there, they could definitely be in the top 5 next year - with or without him. Hopefully, they'll get a good start and that will happen.

  2. Chris O.11:12 PM

    I dunno, for some reason I get the feeling that Kuyt will disappoint when he makes the jump. Especially since Liverpool and Newcastle have had their fair share of strikers not leaving up to potential recently.