One for the ladies, sort of Page 2 : A fantasy league for the females

The Sports Guy on fantasy leagues... why we play, why we're hooked, the extents we will go for our fix, and how we can do one for the ladies.


  1. Anonymous5:53 PM

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  2. Anonymous2:39 AM

    That was an interesting article but still! I beg to differ!

    I'm a girl and although this is my first season on YFF, I'm totally enjoying it!

    Not doing fantastic overall but I'm 4th in my group of 20 and I'm the only girl there, so it's all good!

    Next season I'll give the boys a bit more challenge!

  3. My wife read the article and is itching to play the US Weekly game. She's ready to get her sister, my sister, her friends all into a group.

    She would totally kill at that game!

    Yahoo!... looking to reach the other 52% of your potential audience?

  4. I love that idea. truly. I would kill at it. It would officially end any kind of life I may have these days, but whatever... it would be so much fun.