Your messages drive teams on

Your messages drive teams on

This is too ridiculous to let pass withtout comment. So, without further ado...

[12:19] JSpitzberg: "2006 — It’s Swiss O’Clock!"
[12:20] JSpitzberg: hilarious
[12:20] JSpitzberg: of course the US won't have their flag on their bus
[12:20] JSpitzberg: for security reasons
[12:20] JSpitzberg: only nation w/o
[12:20] Neal J Thurman: wonder if we got a slogan...
[12:20] Neal J Thurman: Got Oil?
[12:22] Neal J Thurman: at least ours is fairly inoffensive
[12:22] Neal J Thurman: maybe Kevin Payne will adopt it after the Cup is over
[12:23] Neal J Thurman: Tunisia's is awesome - I expect Sean Penn, Eric Stoltz, and Anthony Edwards to come piling out of their team bus followed by billows of smoke
[12:24] JSpitzberg: nice
[12:24] Neal J Thurman: :-)
[12:24] Neal J Thurman: never a bad time for a Fast Times reference
[12:24] JSpitzberg: wait till they play japan
[12:24] JSpitzberg: Light up your Samurai spirit!
[12:24] Neal J Thurman: I'm sure you can get some Samurai Spirit at a coffee house in Amsterdam
[12:25] JSpitzberg: Germany - "For Germany, through Germany"
[12:25] JSpitzberg: should have been Germany - "For Germany, through France"
[12:25] Neal J Thurman: HA
[12:25] Neal J Thurman: (or Poland...or...)
[12:26] JSpitzberg: "Get up, Argentina are on the move"
[12:26] JSpitzberg: that just makes Chile nervous
[12:26] Neal J Thurman: maybe Brazil loses the cup as their stars are laughing at "Vehicle monitored by 180 million Brazilian hearts"
[12:26] JSpitzberg: Australia - "Australia Socceroos – Bound and gagged for glory"
[12:26] Neal J Thurman: does that come on one of those little yellow window hangie things
[12:27] Neal J Thurman: Costa Rica - not too terrible
[12:27] JSpitzberg: Vehicle monitored by 180 million Brazilian hearts, and the good people at OnStar. OnStar...
[12:27] JSpitzberg: Costa Rica sounds like a decleration of war
[12:27] JSpitzberg: declaration
[12:27] Neal J Thurman: lol
[12:27] Neal J Thurman: but not bad
[12:27] JSpitzberg: Come on the Elephants!
[12:28] JSpitzberg: just too easy
[12:28] Neal J Thurman: gotta love Serbia just sort of giving up...
[12:28] Neal J Thurman: might as well have said..."hi mom"
[12:29] JSpitzberg: mexico/ivory coast
[12:29] JSpitzberg: "Aztec passion across the world. Come on the Elephants!"
[12:30] JSpitzberg: japan/tunisia (as you noted)... Light up your Samurai spirit... higher and stronger than ever
[12:31] Neal J Thurman: Some fantastic matches - we have sex and drugs, now all we need is rock-n-roll
[12:32] JSpitzberg: usa/paraguay... "United we play from the heart of America"
[12:32] JSpitzberg: they must have seen the # of road fans at a US game
[12:32] Neal J Thurman: lol
[12:33] JSpitzberg: Never-ending legend, united Korea
[12:33] JSpitzberg: political?
[12:34] Neal J Thurman: interesting


  1. The USA's slogan is more evidence of Bruce Arena's bias for UVa and DCU players. Kevin Payne probably personally painted it on the bus... [/sarcasm]

  2. dude! ure all americans, so where's addu?

  3. Good God, what about Spain?! "One country, one goal." That better not be a prediction.