Bearish, even with Bullard

Fulham ready to sell Malbranque
Fulham are ready to sell midfielder Steed Malbranque after he rejected the offer of a new contract.

[O]n their website, Fulham say: 'Unfortunately Steed has indicated no offer would be acceptable as he wants to leave next year on a free transfer.

'This would be unacceptable to the club so we will listen to offers for him.'
Maybe a swap for SWP? Steed may be a good fit as a back-up in the new "winger-less" Chelsea while SWP would give Fulham balance in midfield and a lot more attacking speed.

Regardless, Fulham are going to have a very busy and very important summer. They won't survive in the EPL if they can't improve. Next year there aren't likely to be three or four teams so much worse than themselves. Though a healthy Niemi will translate into points they need to improve their center back and center forward options, and shore up a rapidly changing midfield.

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  1. I can't see Steed at Chelsea - he's mostly a central player and there seem to be plenty of options there.

    He might fit in at Charlton where they're still looking for someone to replace the departed (and now invisible) Danny Murphy.

    Man City have been sniffing around for ages.

    An even more interesting option would be Blackburn where the insertion of one more creative player in the center of the pitch might make them a team to be reckoned with in Europe and in the EPL next season.