Perhaps not the ultimate in journalistic restraint but that's about all I can say...

I guess this means its time to figure out how to get Henry into your line-up...

Here's an initial look at the line-up for next week's season opener...

I'm guessing that spending on Henry and Cech will be possible given the quality of the newbies coming in...

Striker - Henry, Sheva, and Berbatov

Midfielder - Walcott, Ballack, Liverpool's new right sided middie, Bobby Convey

Defender - Roberto Carlos, Cory Gibbs, Eboue

Keeper - Cech


  1. There is a god and his name is Thierry.

    Merci, Mr. Henry.

  2. Chris O.10:18 AM

    'Milan will never sell Shevchenko, we will never sell him,' added Braida.

    Let's not get ahead of ourselves.

  3. Ashton should be cheap enough after his late season disappearing act.

    BTW, how sad is it that we're already plotting our rosters for next season?

    Is this normal? Healthy?

  4. Anonymous12:34 PM

    Bobby Convey? which club did he sign for?

  5. Bobby Convey is at the newly promoted Reading.

  6. secondorder2:00 PM

    Having played this game for the past 5 years and finished in the top 50 in 4 of them (including a top 15 finish two years back!), my thoughts on Henry are the following: Although he scores a lot of points, he is usually overpriced. His scoring value index (points/game divided by cost) does not place him in the top 4-5 strikers in the EPL. In the past this meant those who had Henry had 10 shite players versus my 11 decent players. But if you can pick up some cheap gems like Ballack, etc. then that's a whole different story. Also, I never like placing all my eggs in one basket; at some point in time, the bottom is bound to fall out. My $0.02.