Ballack finally signs three-year Chelsea deal

Ballack finally signs three-year Chelsea deal
Mourinho, who did not take questions from reporters and instead asked his own, said: 'How can Michael's arrival affect Lampard and the team?

'It will affect it a lot because Lampard wants top players to play with him and the team want good players to improve the team.

'I look forward to working with them and look forward to playing both together.'
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  1. Anonymous10:50 AM

    ballack's signing just makes the chelsea midfielders even worse picks. we always had the problem with which wingers to pick because there were 4 and 3 had a high chance of starting.

    now chelsea have 4 great central midfielders. ballack and lamps might start the first few games but after a few weeks one of them might go to the bench. eg jose might play makelele, lamps and essien. or maybe essien, ballack, makelele. maybe they will do well together. but there is a high chance that one of them will be an uncertainty.

    also, if shevchenko does come to chelsea - then they might start playing a 442 with drogba/shevchenko/crespo upfront - meaning that there will only be 2 CM's.

    I don't think the arrival of Ballack will good for YFF. but he will be in everyone's teams for the first few weeks

  2. Ballack will play every match he's healthy for unless he shocks the world and shows that he's not up to EPL standards.

    Essien will sit - putting him in the "great central midfielders" category is a little pre-mature. He produced very little on the offensive end this season.

    If Ballack AND Sheva both arrive, they will both play every match. At least one of Drogba and Crespo (possibly both) are gone so there's no conflict there. Both players are no-doubt-about-it inclusions on your roster, ditto for whomever replaces Gallas.

  3. defStef4:28 PM

    I think this analysis by the Beeb is pretty likely:

  4. Anonymous8:28 AM

    this is a great website:

    check it out.

    also, lamps and ballack might not work well together. like lamps and gerrard. makelele will probs sort out that problem, playing as a holding mid. but what if shevers and drogba form a great partnership. jm might go with lamps and maka with shevers and drogba upfront. or go with ballack instead of lamps.

    for the first week of the epl. all new chelsea signings area definite must-have. but after a few weeks they might not be anymore