I would like to thank all the little people

... that made this possible.


  1. After getting into the Top 100 with about six weeks to go I could only manage 264th. Apparently, I'm turning into pre-Masters Phil Mickelson - can't close out the big one. This is two years in a row that I failed to successfully navigate the last month.

    Well done to Jeremy for representing the blog and Bad Idea Teams in the Top 50...

  2. sold my "fans of spurs" designation (and probably no small part of my soul) and went all in for Ars over the last few weeks.

    oh, and I bet on bolton. ;-) I'm SO going to hell.

  3. 36th??!!??!!

    Who knew. We know a real true international hero (aka geek).

    Very impressive, rainman. Very Impressive, impressive.