Un Dia Sin Futbol

This is tough. Nothing to read. No mental notes on matchups or form. No players to put on the team before their price rises. Full slate of games tomorrow, but I'm already going through withdrawl.

I'm going to have to take up knitting or learn Sanskrit to fill this info void in my life.


  1. Mucha, Taipei1:44 AM

    It is but the calm before the storm, sir. Your work is done, and now you can only wait.

    I'm rather enjoying the anticipation: 30 pts to the good against a guy who has picked 11 Sp*rs. He's a Gooner (with some issues obviously) and I'm West Ham. Can't think of a better way to finish off the fantasy season, frankly.

    Best of luck to everyone still in the running out there. Looking forward to the postmortems...

  2. Anonymous6:52 AM

    Can't wait for this week. Everyone has got a great team this week with so many teams playing at home with great matchups. I think 7 of the 10 are good matchups. The 3 that aren't are WHU-TOT, NEW-CHE and POR-LIV. If you picked 10/11 home players from any of the remaining teams then you will score over 100 points this week. I could name 3 teams for this week, and my 3rd team would do just as well as my first team.

    The only regret I have, 3 hours before kickoff, is that I don't have Christanval in my team. I have a great defence (Cole, Bridge, Naysmith) but Christanval was surely pick of the week. He's 1.47 units and he is almost certain to start with Zat Knight out. And I think Fulham are going to destroy Boro this week and have a very good chance of a CS. The only problem with me taking Christanval is that I would have had to play 4 defenders. But with the spare units I could definitely have improved the rest of my team. Eg - SWP (my only away player, could be a great pick though) to Milner

  3. Chris O.12:00 PM

    I must say, those Henry and Thompson recs paid off nicely. That and two other goals from Barry and Defoe made the last week a rather nice one.

    Combine that with Arsenal getting the 4th CL spot and Newcastle beating Chelsea to salvage a spot in Europe and this was a happy week for me.

  4. Anonymous12:11 PM

    Great post by the manager that you MUST have Henry this week, and he was so so right. 40 points in the bag. Should move me up a few places