Week 41?

Spurs request West Ham game to be replayed
Tottenham have asked the Premier League to order their game against West Ham to be replayed.

The crucial match went ahead on Sunday despite a number of the Spurs team being struck down with food poisoning hours before kick-off.

Martin Jol's side subsequently lost 2-1 at Upton Park and therefore missed out on a Champions League place after Arsenal's 4-2 victory over Wigan.

A Premier League spokesman said: 'Tottenham fulfilled their fixture and as far as the Premier League is concerned the result stands.

'However, the Premier League board will convene and discuss the contents of Tottenham's letter.'
Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water...


  1. Anonymous8:31 PM

    Just wanted to say a quick thanks for all the great info., especially on Fridays. Finished first in my league and in the 99th percentile, but was in something like 1700th place. How many people play this freakin game? Can anyone recommend a good fantasy World Cup game?


  2. Pierre8:41 AM

    hm, can't spurs let it drop and be happy with a UEFA place, after their cup performances this year, losing to Grimsby in Carling and Leicester in FA, its for the best they havn't qualified for CL!