A blog favorite returns

Heinze poised to return
Gabriel Heinze could get the chance to prove his fitness for the World Cup against Middlesbrough on Monday.
Let's just hope he doesn't do so well so we can pick him up on the cheap next year. You too, Mr. Cole.


  1. Anonymous5:19 PM

    Brad Jones - what have you done to me?

  2. Pierre6:10 AM

    decided to give adebayor 1 last chance, picked him a few times before an he's always let me down.

    This time he manages 1 foul commited against Sunderland and
    -0.5 pts! I know you like him but to me he is garbage!!!

    Still, 103 pts so far this week and 10 players to go, so not all bad !

  3. Anonymous9:08 AM

    question is what colour will cole be wearing in london? red/blue? seems like asier is out of the bridge....n bridge(wayne) may be out of the bridge(stamford)...cole to chelsea then?

  4. Chris O.9:35 AM

    Adebayor is the new Owen -- great at the exact right times.