We're Gonna Party Like It's...

...you thought I was going to reference Cesc's statement to the press about staying at Arsenal and being entirely focused on his season at the Emirates didn't you? Well, that's not what I'm getting at with the headline.  For those of you who pay attention to these things, we're 2 people away from breaking 2000 "Likes" on Facebook which is a nice milestone for us.

We hope you all continue to support us as we continue in our attempts to grow the blog and eventually, take over the world of Premier League and Fantasy Football "journalism"

Thanks for your continued support.  More team previews coming later today.

Cheers - Neal


  1. 2K! Awesome. Thanks everybody. It means a lot to us, and not just because we're unrepentant narcissists.

  2. FLScott5:05 PM

    Cheers glory hounds - I love you. If that seems sarcastic it's not. Keep up the good work gents!

  3. Anonymous10:49 PM

    i thought we were getting new team previews today :(