Funny Headlines...

Football365 was on fire today so I thought I'd share since I wasn't clever enough to come up with the headlines first...

  1. "You'll Never Wok Alone" - in response to the potential Chinese takeover at Anfield;
  2. "Good thing they already wear red" - in response to rumors that the Chinese bid is actually coming from the government; and
  3. "Cesc in the City yet again" - in response to Fab4 being back in London for training and Arsenal's media day
In other news...
  • it looks like Danny Welbeck will be heading to Sunderland on loan.  If he starts regularly, I'd think about including him in my line-up when the match-up is a good one;
  • looks like out-of-favor striker Jason Roberts is likely on his way to West Brom which will increase his value along with that of Kalinic who almost has to start at this point unless there is another striker in Big Sam's pipeline (maybe it also increases the chances that my Chris Samba to be a full time striker pipe dream will come to fruition).
  • Looks like Ramires will sign for Chelsea today which may help them in their title bid but you have to think his upside from a fantasy standpoint is Gilberto Silva (generally good for an average of 5 points/match over his career).  Not much good unless he's listed as a D for some reason.
That's about it.  Hopefully, next week will be more exciting than this from a transfer standpoint.  More previews to come soon.


  1. Anonymous12:37 PM

    Ramires usually plays right midfield these days.

  2. we'll see if Ramires plays on the right for CHE - what we know is that the guys he's replacing (Deco, Ballack, JCole) haven't produced much for fantasy owners. Worth seeing where (if) he lines up this coming weekend but I'm not expecting a fantasy stud despite the high transfer fee.

  3. he is a football stud, just not fantasy. he was the only one, besides juan, that the brasileiros, didn't bitch about.