Season Preview: Blackpool

Overall Outlook - It's no surprise that Blackpool's outlook is bleak. Dire, even. And the club seems okay with that. They were promoted via a "magical" run into and through the play-offs, driven by loanees who have not returned. Credit to them for knowing that they won't survive the year in the Premier League and not spending money they don't have.

But that being said, it's going to be a horrible year as they don't look set to compete at all. Even Burnley had a few years of Cup success against top-flight teams to hang their hat upon. Blackpool don't have the pedigree or the talent. Their two best performers last season were Seamus Coleman and DJ Campbell, neither of whom are returning. Matches are going to get ugly and it's not going to be an advertisement for "the best league in the world".

Projected Starters - Gilks, Eardley, Baptiste, Evatt, Crainey, Vaughan, Southern, Adam, Euell, Ormerod, Taylor-Fletcher

In the Rotation - Rachubka, Halstead, Coid, Edwards

Kicks - Adam.

  • None yet, but the club is scouring the lower leagues to try to make up the numbers. Not much hope here.
Rising Youth
  • And the winner is, 24-year old Charlie Adam!
Fantasy Breakdown
  • Best - Charlie Adam is all they have right now. He was a star midfielder in the Championship, scoring 16 goals, and will be Blackpool's creative hub. At best, he's a Muzzy Izzet type getting you tons of points by being THE MAN on a lousy team. At worst, he's Gary McSheffrey who disappeared in the Premier League after having an encouraging record in the lower levels.
  • Best Value (non-newcomer) - Not only non-newcomers, but nearly pensioners. Omerod and Euell (both 33) and haven't graced the top-flight in years. But as two of three strikers on the books, Blackpool will have to rely on them.
  • Best Projected Value - Once more with feeling, if it's going to be anyone it's going to be Adam;
  • Worth Considering With Good Match-ups -  There won't be any good match-ups for Blackpool this season.
  • Worth Knowing If He's Starting - By the end of the season, we might recognize some names on the squad, but I'm not 100% on that. Though with only 15 names to choose from, maybe it won't be that difficult.


  1. Wow, a Muzzy Izzet reference - by itself that makes this an awesome post...

  2. Dan Brown12:42 PM

    Knowing that you remember the genius of Muzzy, makes me love you guys even more

  3. Anonymous6:59 AM

    I think that Adam is worth a shot from round 1. He is just 5.43 , it is too good to pass it.