The Waiting for Fantasy Points

... is the hardest part.

C'mon Yahoo!UK. Get it in gear!


  1. Backcountry Dave10:09 PM

    Well done with the soundtrack! One of my favorite Tom Petty songs.

    While I'm commenting, big thanks for all that you guys do. I've had a great season and you two started my education three years ago. I started this week at 81st overall and am likely to finish somewhere near that.

    See you next season,

    Backcountry Dave
    Team Name: Woodford Reserves

  2. That's awesome, Dave! May we call you Dave?

    Keep it up, and tell your friends. ;-)

  3. Yankee7:46 AM

    Dave - great team name - my favorite adult beverage!

    I wish Yahoo was half as serious about running this game as we are about playing it. Must admit I played YFF more casually once I discovered the "official" FPL game. But N&J are still the best, and I commend and thank them.

  4. Anonymous8:06 AM

    I'd like to chime in too with my anonymous thanks. I read your blog all season and it was crazy helpful. Thanks!

  5. Vidulka10:32 PM

    Not sure why I was on the "Official" YFF blog the other day...but I did notice this:

    "See you next season, when there is an exciting new development in Yahoo! Fantasy Football!"

    Any hints of what it is?

  6. Jeremy,

    You are welcome to call me Dave. Finished 85th, much better than last season's finish at about 1200th:

    @Yankee, thanks for the compliment. Since discovering that bourbon, I can hardly tolerate my old stand-by, Makers Mark.


    Backcountry Dave
    Lansing, MI USA

  7. Anonymous8:02 PM

    Does anyone know when EPL fantasy begins?
    We cant find any information on it here in Australia and are waiting eagerly!