Observations from Citeh vs Spurs Live

Without Tevez, Spurs and Citeh are the same team. What do I mean? Both teams have too much invested in too many guys (Modric, VDV, Silva, AJohnson, Milner) who like to play at the periphery waiting to feed off the main action. Dzeko and Crouch just don't seem good enough against stout central defenders who can muscle them off their spots. Neither team had that central figure that just wanted to dominate the game. The problem with the lack of central forwards combined with the absence of a driving force is that it means that neither team has central action for all those other guys to play off of.

Maybe Bale is that guy longer term for Spurs and Tevez could be for Citeh if he stays but with both questionable (Bale has been injured a lot in a brief career) I will be curious to see what's next for both. In some ways Liverpool is ahead of both teams with Meireles, Gerrard, Suarez, and Carroll - they just need to figure out if Kuyt and Maxi are the right complimentary pieces.

As an aside, I enjoyed watching Yaya Toure much more than I thought I would. His game is definitely an acquired taste because he doesn't look the part and he spends a lot of time shuffling around like he's Kolo's much older brother and not his younger brother. That said, when it is time to take action, he's very good and very fast and very assertive. He's the player we Arsenal players keep hoping against any reasonable hope that Abu Diaby might become. He's probably not worth the money but now that they've paid it - he's a useful guy to have around.


  1. Anonymous10:25 PM


    Another season of mediocrity in terms of fantasy football. Despite my best intentions and wanting to break into the top echelon of you football fantasy fanatics... yoyoing between 2000 - 3000 spot all year. Few bad decisions, a few weeks vacation, missed the boat on the cancellation week (only 1 game..Blackburn if I recall) Love J&N and the AM blogs and follow them religiously. I have sown up my private league, so just for fun, and guessing most of the top players follow same blogs, I will not choose a single player from J&N or the AM blogs suggested tips, and see just how good, or rotten I can do.


  2. shakanorbs, i too have been doing the 3000-2000-1500-2500-3000-2000 voyage. after a good start to the year i have fallen. this week all my eggs were in my basket as i got 144 points. my faith in van persie, pennant, odemwingie and a $6 van der vaart helped out.

    i avoided most of the double gamers and went with only 5. my biggest question mark was sandro and pennant or ya ya and modric. i ended up with 2.5 more points. i also avoided the double team forwards and only defoe outscored odem by 2.5 points. i certainly would have avoided defoe. well in comes kuyt, zenden, figeuroa, and vermaelen. silva has an easy match so he might stay.

  3. Tough not to be injured when the referee gives you as much protection as Probert did against Blackpool. Adam should be banned retrospectivly