Van Persie Scores Again

But the way Y! reports it, well...

The Dutch striker finally made the breakthrough with a chance he created himself, forcing his way into the box before drilling a low shit under the keeper for his 20th goal of 2011.

He's a streaky scorer!

This goal was no stain on his record.

Arsenal really stepped in it today.

Shame that it was just a constipation goal.

(Okay, that last one needs work.)

h/t Sylvie's Pet (Project)


  1. glad i kept faith with van persie, pennant and odemwingie

  2. Anonymous4:06 PM

    greginho you always appear here saying how well you're doing, but i never know where you are? i always assume your well up the leaderboard, where are you in overall places? i assume top 250ish?

  3. Anonymous4:37 PM

    Greginho is one of those classic poser posters who always trumpets his successes here...but the reality is that he is firmly ensconced well outside of the Top 1000 with just a hair over 3,200 total points with only three weeks to go in the season. Enjoy your pyrrhic victories.

  4. Anonymous5:04 PM

    ARSEnal do string a lot of pisses together in their matches but need some (bottom) end product by taking more shits.

  5. C'mon! Guy had a good week... deserves to crow about it. We're all here for each other.


  6. One goal was nice, but I'm sure Arsenal supporters would have preferred he drop a deuce.

  7. hey i cover both sides of the fence. remember my stearman and petrov picks two weeks ago, that was a complete failure. i admitted it was bad.

    and i am the first person to accept blame, and have done so many times on this blog, for my position, because i kept nani for too long in the middle of the season. i went from top 100 to top 2000 in 8 weeks, that nani and van der vaart caused me to have 2 or more zeros for each week. if you guys don~t remember this, it is because you guys don~t have much going on and can only badger a fellow blogger.

  8. Nice one, Jeremy!

    I really wish I'd kept vP when I had him at 9-ish instead of ditching him for the one/two games he was injured.