Barn Door Team

Finally had a good week last week. Seven players in double figures with Torres close, and Kusz and Fabio the only real disappointments. Kolarov to play on Tuesday, but no telling what Manchester City will look like the rest of the way.

For next week, I've assembled another team that's more "who's that?" than "whose who". This was put together before West Ham made their fall through the Premier League trapdoor - with N'Zogbia pulling the lever - so I'm sure to revisit Ba at the least. Also Ivanovic is at Everton and I'm guessing the home teams have the advantage this week. At the very least they'll want to put on a show for their fans.

Otherwise, Birmingham, Blackburn, Wigan, Wolves and Blackpool will be the teams on a mission. You could certainly argue for a team picked exclusively from those squads.

Finally, Manchester United will be fielding the kids this week against Blackpool. All the more reason to load up on the Seasiders. But if you fancy being contrary, maybe today's reserve match is a guide.

Reserves v Bolton: Lindegaard, Rafael, Gill, R Brown, Wootton, James, Fletcher, Norwood, Ajose, Obertan, Brady.less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply


  1. HK Fans11:51 AM

    1st! Why Onuoha?

  2. 2nd ! why not Cudicini.??

  3. 1. I like Onuoha. I'm not sure he'll last - that's a lot of money commited to the back line right now. But I like him and Sunderland are playing relegated West Ham.

    2. I don't trust Carlo. We used to love him, and yes he did have a great match against Liverpool. But he hasn't been very good since he's been on the sidelines for so long. And Birmingham, though terrible in attack, will be very motivated opponents.

  4. how about liverpool and tottenham for 5th -- still expecting a-list squads there?

  5. Rafael and Lindegaard will be in my team and I reckon that Gibson may be in the mix too so I'm getting him. All the more to spend on Charlie Adam!

  6. Anonymous2:10 PM

    do you think VdV will play?

  7. Pablo6:27 PM

    Van der Sar will play - last game at Old Trafford

  8. Anonymous8:56 PM

    Thoughts on Berbs playing to assure him the scoring title...

    With Tevez the only real one challenging...

  9. Anonymous9:42 PM

    Will Owen play?

  10. Anonymous6:30 PM


    Vdv is van der vaart not van der sar

  11. Anonymous10:11 PM

    Does Owen have enough appearances for a prem medal? If not he'll surely start or play some part in the game!

  12. Anonymous12:27 AM

    It'd be nice to know if VdV will play . . .

  13. Anonymous8:06 AM

    im sure VDV will play. spurs are chasing for a win to ensure europa qualification.