Final Fantasy Standings

So how did your humble fantasy Premier League bloggers fare this season?

My final week points were 76.5 with Adam, Zenden(!), and Berbatov the bright spots.

Neal was hot on my tail at 3,387.50 points.

All in all, I finished well in our private group, ahead of Neal but WAY behind Nik (Y!AM) and Mo (Egypt) who finished #7 overall. I was very low in the Beat the Blogger groups, which is a testament to how competitive you all are. Great job, everyone!

Congrats to everyone for another great season, and thank you so much for reading and participating in the whole thing with us. But don't go away. On the blog, we've got more detailed analysis coming soon as well as the usual end-of-season wrap-up/award features. And as we head into the summer there will sure to be international competitions to cover, MLS (sorry, but we follow it and we have to write about something), and the hot-stove transfer market.


  1. Chris Jones2:30 PM

    From the Fantasist's blog :-

    Yahoo! Fantasy Football will be back next season in an exciting new format.


  2. Let's hope for the best.

  3. come on - both you and AM have hinted at changes next year, i know you know something and now you know that i know

  4. We have NO NONE ZERO NADA ZILCH influence at Yahoo!, and other than having a few names and email addresses, we don't have any more access than you do.

    However, we do control our own blogs and have the ability to change/adjust/grow.

  5. nicolas7:34 PM

    it is good to hear that i have beaten u guys:)))
    i scored 3,457.50 ponts and 1,585 overall.
    thanks for the great blog, keep the spirit for next season

  6. 60 points final week. Shame sturridge got sent off and VDV didn't play. 3462 points, rank 1541.

    Beaten the blogger :D

  7. Anonymous3:22 PM

    After a late points adjustment (thanks Yahoo), I dropped 8 points on the final week and about 80 places overall! Finished with 3459.5 points - good for 1552nd overall.

    Thanks for another great season!


  8. greginho
    Latest points: 77.50
    Total points: 3,396.50
    Overall rank: 2,428 -27

    just behind our fearless leaders. i think i might be a little bit different than most of the AM crew in that i am not nearly as obsessed with rankings and points. i play this game for one reason and one reason only, i have loads of fun doing it. i enjoy the spanish league and like even better than the premier league, the champions league. i am also doing MLS and just started the Brasilian League fantasy. the brasilian league one is a blast and i only have one week into it. if anyone wants to pass away the non-premier league time, they can join me at!/home

    the name of the league is ^^Red Neck League^^ and you do not need a password.

    i want to say for everyone great job and next year we will all do even better. i am excited about de gea or steklenberg coming in. i would love for falcao, sakho and plenty of more newbies, so that we can have a choice. last year were so few newcomers worth picking.

  9. i forgot to mention on the Campeonato Brasileiro they have luis fabiano, ronaldinho gaucho, deco, elano, ronaldo, lucas, maybe seedorf, neymar, ganso, leondro damio, and most importantly, rogerio ceni, the goalie from Sao Paulo(my team), who has scored 101 goals in his career. most of these were free kicks. imagine having a goalie get game winning goals with the extra points for a free kick.