Midweek Barn Door Team

One Carlos Tevez (and two goals) forced a barn door re-think on my part. That's not entirely true. Your comments and a viewing of the Premier League Review Show also "helped".

I had to grab Carlito. I'm not convinced he'll play at Bolton, but I wanted the option. So out went Ba and Hennessey with Carson coming in as an enabling keeper. Krul and Mignolet are also (bad) options at the price.

In the defence, a lot of questions were being asked about Onuoha. And rightly so. The better pick there would be Bardsley, who has been surprising good this season. But the real pick for me is Blackburn's Martin Olsson. He's been great in a midfield role for Rovers over the last month and I expect he'll be value for money at 10. Gibbs is a relatively cheap ticket into Arsenal, who must win on Sunday. I'm not sure his status or Clichy's health. If it doesn't look like he'll play, or if I want money to upgrade the keeper position Gibbs is likely to be gutted.

How is your final XI shaping up?


  1. Anonymous9:47 AM

    Get rid of Carson please, i took the 14 points gladly last week but it aint happening again. Krul is a better option.

  2. LOL. I hear you! I think WBA will by trying to preserve Woy's unbeaten record. However, they've been shambolic on the road recently.

  3. Is not Verm a better call than Gibbs - cheaper, and sure to start?

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  5. I didn't understand the Verm bandwagon last week, other than his price tag. Arsenal were never going to keep a clean sheet and unless he popped up with a goal that was the only way Verm was getting you points.

    Gibbs at fullback will get forward, and seemingly more so than Clichy, actually gets into dangerous positions. More like his predecessor once-removed, Ashley Cole.

    I may gut Gibbs for PT reasons, or to afford other players, but straight-up I'd be happy to have him going into the weekend.

  6. Anonymous6:10 AM

    woys unbeaten record ??

    already gone mate. wolves 3 w brom 1. sunday 8th may.


  7. Right. Never mind then. Krul it is. ;-)