Premier League Injuries and Suspensions

Berbatov battles Tevez
Berbatov battles Tevez, again.

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Of course it may all be irrelevant due to the inconvenient timing of "the Rapture" but if we manage to avoid the end of days on Saturday, we will indeed have a final day of the season on Sunday.

Honestly, as I looked at the content behind the link above, I don't think I saw anything that moved me to make a change.  Surely, you have already seen SAF's plans for his starting line-up (Berbs and EvdS being "in" are the big headlines).  The only other item of note is that Kevin Doyle sounds pretty doubtful for Wolves which should solidify the value of Ward as an inexpensive midfielder playing as a withdrawn striker.

The final note is that our makeshift Sunderland forwards all take a step down in value as Gyan has returned to training and at least has a chance to feature on the final day of the season (although why Steve Bruce would put him out there is a mystery to me - let him start his summer early and ensure that he's healthy going into next season after a long year between club and World Cup commitments).

With that said, we conclude the final Injuries and Suspensions post of the 2010-11 season.  It has, as always, been a blast doing this.  We thank everyone who reads and comments - even the ones (maybe even especially the ones) who disagree with us.  The fact that it is generally done respectfully and in the interest of improving the dialog makes this something we are very proud to write and moderate. 

Join in Sunday for the final live chat of the season and we'll look forward to seeing you all over the summer as transfers happen and we start getting ready for next season.

Cheers - Neal


  1. Anonymous12:28 PM

    Nice one Neal, don't forget to keep us entertained over the summer. I'll still be at work whilst those PL footballers sun themselves in the Med.

  2. Even if we *gasp* start talking about MLS to fill the gaps between Manchester City transfer rumours?

  3. hey guys just started my own fantasy premier league blog a bit late i know but i hope to have a few followers for next season ,anyway i really enjoy your blog and was wondering could you cast your expert eye over mine and maybe leave some feedback thanks.

  4. Neal & Jeramy-
    Thanks for all the hard work & entertainment. It's very much appreciated.

    Also, the good folks at yahoo have had the forethought to extend the deadline till 12:00 GMT on Sunday. Could we possibly get a post-rapture column? I'm worried about any last minute line-up changes depending on who was saved. ;)

  5. sariep12:23 AM

    Thank Neal & Jeremy for all the tips. Hopefully next season would be more exciting than this season.

  6. Thanks for the not so obvious insight of fantay football. Keep up the good work...

    Berba & Tevez will fight neck to neck. I like the idea to have both. Is it worth to drop Suarez and VPersie in favor of the golden boot battle?

    Very sad in coming to the end of the wonderful season. Thanks premier league

  7. @Mell 10-11, I've gone with both and taken a few hits to do so: