With Carson (@Wolves) enabling.

Thoughts from the crowd?


  1. Anonymous1:11 PM

    very nice, but i'll keep Drogba and pray for a Chelsea victory!

  2. Anonymous1:49 PM

    would consider fitting yaya toure in there somehow...

  3. I'm having a hard time deciding between Toure and AJ.

  4. Anonymous2:58 PM

    Y NOT JOE HART.? of course Gomes is not suitable...u know...blunders..hehe

  5. Anonymous3:04 PM

    but...i feel Citeh will make some rotation...just we dnt know who is it...why i`m saying that.?? bcoz they will host Spurs on the 11 May...on the 14 May the will face Stoke for the FA Cup,two important game for seal the 4th place in the league...and to win the FA Cup which is the didnt won it in a vary long play safe,pick more Spurs players than Citeh players...i suggest..


  6. Me too. I'm also concerned about Spurs forwards getting benched; specifically, should I move in for Pav (and roll with him, Balotelli and Defoe) or keep the one-gamer Suarez at an obscene discount. I'd feel better about the former if the game were on Wednesday.

  7. Doctor Teeth4:41 PM

    I scored 185.5 points two weeks ago, largely on the strength of keeping 4 single game players. I won't go overboard, gutting my team (espec. Suarez, Dzeko, Luiz) to fit in DGers this week either.

    Friedel will likely be my enabler although I have played with the idea of Carson as well. I have Hart at a discount but see him conceding in both of Citeh's games.

  8. Anonymous12:11 AM stole my strategy. about an extra city defender over a spurs forward.

  9. Anonymous3:50 AM

    Balotelli is big risk for me, he is mad and could be sent off in first mach or benched..

  10. Thing is this, wouldn't Citeh qualify for the Champions League if they win the FA Cup? I seem to remember the whole "How can Liverpool make Europe" stuff a few weeks ago going something like this:

    Citeh finishes 4th but wins FA Cup, which puts 5th place into CL and 6th into Europa. Now, if Citeh wins FA Cup and Liverpool finish 5th we are in Champions League, I think. Ummmmmm.

  11. kellz4:31 PM

    Fa cup victory only gives winner the europa leave spot. The only way a 5th champions league spot would open for the english is if the current champions were and english side that failed to qualify the next season. Exactly what happened to liverpool in 2005.

    Bham get a europa spot for carling cup win, if Citeh cement 4th then stoke get the 2nd europa spot no matter the out come of the fa cup match, leaving 5th place as the last europa spot.

    Hope that clears it up

  12. My team is a mixture of massive discount and DGers. I'm rolling with:

    G - Hart @ 9.69
    D - Luiz (5.96), Kompany, Bale
    M - Lampard (13.14), Silva (7.52), Maxi (7.88), Toure
    F - Suarez (7.08), Sturridge (4.96), Balotelli

    I might change out Sturridge if he sits, but a discount of $6 is really too good to change.

  13. Anonymous10:30 PM

    Tevez back?!
    Throws a wrench in this whole thing

  14. Anonymous4:33 AM

    Regarding the champions league, only 4 English side can enter. Full stop.

    If Tottenham had won the champions league and finished 10th. Then 1st, 2nd, 3rd and Tottenham would be in the competition. 4th place would have been the Europa league.

    What happened with Liverpool in 2005, is because UEFA never imagined the scenario of a team finishing out-side of their champions league qualifying league position when winning the champions league! Very short sighted as usual.

    Currently 32nd overall on YFF. Very difficult week with regard to DG's.

  15. Anonymous1:26 PM

    why want spurs FW? they sucks! even defoe and pav combined, can't beat VDV goals..

    dzeko and balo is a gamble.. dzeko not sure starter while with balo it's either will go big both game or big at 1st game then have RC in 2nd game, sucks both game or sucks on 1st game than get bench or even get RC in 1st match then miss the later.. i wish tevez is fit!