Final Fantasy Team Sheet

I'm not seeing much team news today that would prompt me to change my line-up. I'm still not convinced by Krul, not expecting Spector to play, and not expecting Olsson to line-up in midfield again. But otherwise the team sheet makes some sort of strange sense. Here's hoping.

Any last minute changes to your last team today?


  1. Charlie Adam might be a good pick, he'll be desperate to impress at OT.

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  2. Thanks Jeremy, I really enjoy the work you do.

  3. I dont like the Campbell or Zenden picks. And like you say Spector may not start. How about dropping N'Zogbia to Ryan Taylor to improve on them. Otherwise Kenwynne Jones and Steven Fletcher are on form and playing home games against ropey defences...

  4. No arguments against RTay, but I'm not dropping N'Zog now. And while I've always wanted to like Anderson he's not for me this week. #motivation

  5. 26M on two Blackpool players at OT where United have 17 wins, and 1 tie (given up only 10 goals). They aren't exactly trotting out the youngsters either...

    Adam -> Cleverly, O'Hara or Taylor, and Campbell -> Fletcher / Rodallega

    This gives you money to upgrade Spector or Krul too...

    Just my $0.02

  6. Krul
    K-rov, Verm, Fab
    N'Zog, Larsson, Modric, M.Taylor, O'hara
    Berba-king, Fletcher

  7. Need a BIG weekend

  8. There are reports on FF scout hitz is doubtful but think I'll hold out have him @ 5.68??

  9. Tevez/Hitz (doubtful to play/unmotivated??)/Spector or Fletcher/Modric/Kaboul?? All at current prices. Still worrying over how much $ Tevez is costing me...

  10. I could also go Nzogbia/Spector instead fo Modric/Kaboul.

  11. OK - I guess moving Tevez allows ALL KINDS of permutations. This is gonna be a stressful day...

  12. So, if Ronaldo comes to Citeh, will he enter YFF at 6-something?

    Steve (STLRam01 on AM Blog)

  13. No, and Mancini will rotate his anyway.

  14. FlyingHamster11:27 PM

    I would like to start the speculation into the transfer market, seeing the season is winding down. As a Manchester United fan, this is perhaps a starting 11 I'd like to see come next fall:

    de Gea
    Rafael Vidic Ferdinand Evra
    Parker Sneijder
    Valencia Rooney Giggs

    Probably cost around 50 million pounds though, and don't think MU have that kind of money at the moment. I would like to see who other people think their teams should get as well.

    For the final week, I have

    Vermaelen Craddock King
    N'Zogbia Modric Larsson O'Hara
    Suarez Tevez Berbatov

    Pretty standard line-up, hoping to reach best 500 at least.

  15. Bradley9:08 AM

    Vermaelen Craddock Wilson
    N'Zogbia Modric O'Hara RTaylor
    Berbatov RvP Fletcher

    I probably should've swapped out RvP for Tevez, but here we are.

    I just saw Ian Holloway saying, "We're not going to close up shop. Our shop never closes. We're like Kwik-E-Mart."

  16. my team
    ben foster (thank you for serving me so well)
    vermaelen, fabio, kaboul
    ashley young, ward, larsson, mulumbu
    van persie, suarez and fletcher

    out went van der vaart at $6 for ward, odemwingie for flethcer because of there injuries. i had taylor and mulumbu, but decided that larsson was a better pick than m taylor. villa plays well against clubs bigger than themselves so am looking for a brace from young and suarez. van persie can win the golden boot with 6 goals so i am hoping he goes off too. it will not happen but am hoping.

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  18. Best take my advice next time ;). Anderson was a star, Zog did nothing and was outscored by Ryan Taylor. And Spector didn't show up as predicted.

    Zenden was an inspired pick though, kudos!

    Have a good summer. As ever you are always welcome over at S11. Just remember we are all in this together - happy to give you a spot if you like and link over here :).