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Man Utd v Arsenal preview
Sir Alex Ferguson's main selection poser is yet again whether to start with Ruud van Nistelrooy or Louis Saha alongside Wayne Rooney. Van Nistelrooy was clearly shocked and upset to be left out last weekend, after notching the winner against West Ham, and he repeated the trick to clinch the points at Bolton.

However, Saha produced a Man of the Match display at The Reebok and will be difficult to dislodge, even though Ferguson hinted after the game that the Dutchman may get the nod.


  1. Taipeiron11:54 AM

    Do not want to be alarmist or nuthin' but Yahoo has erased the Friday Man U Sunderland match from its list and now it appears that Man U are one-gamers this week......WWWWWHHHHHHAAAAAATTTTTTT TTTTTTHHHHHHHEEEEEEE FFFFFFFFFFFFOOOOOOOOOOOKKKKKKKSSSSSSSSSS TTTTTTTTHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTT AAAAABBBBBBOOOOUUUUUUTTTTTTTTTT?????!!!!!

    Sorry. By chance, can anyone offer an explanation? Cheers.

  2. hey taipeiron wake up man. if u had read the earlier messages by jeremy (and other ppl)you would know that united are playin one game this week and that their game on friday will be counted next week(week 36). and also arsenal n portsmouth r two gamers this week(week 35).

  3. or at least, that's what we can assume. nothing seems too clear these days.

    what's that Gilbert & Sullivan tuen, "A fantasy manager's lot is not a happy one."