Kudos to Yahoo!

Premiership Fantasy Football Game - Yahoo! Sport UK - Week 34

We give them a lot of shit when points don't update or 2 games get added or taken away, but most times Yahoo! runs a great game and comes through with what they promise. Week 34 points for Brmingham/Bolton are posted... and it's not pretty. Looks like Jussi and Davies got 1 point a piece. Okocha with 8 and Nolan with 4.


  1. Chris O.11:09 PM

    Well that's good. Means something will come of my ARS and POR players on Wednesday.

  2. It is good news that they updated the points. I seems to me that my team score are updated (Nolan and Co. got a pity 8+ points) but at the group (league) level, the score are not updated. Anyone experiencing the same thing?

  3. Anonymous4:55 AM

    Perhaps they are afraid of the mass exodus of players next year.

    Why are you brown nosing them? Just because they linked your blog?

    This season has been nothing short of disgraceful.