How many games?

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3 gamers? 4 gamers? Yahoo! stretching the meaning of "week" here as we enter the last round.

Boro play 4 games, but will any of the players get more than 2?


  1. Anonymous12:22 AM

    Schwartzer might be a good bet to get 4 games.

  2. Boro games are mostly away and difficult fixtures. And played on alternated days. Does not look outstandingly attractive. Have to give a lot of thoughts to that.

  3. Anonymous9:06 AM


  4. even schwarzer isn't safe a stevie mac has chosen to give brad jones the odd game. will have to look at the full schedule and see how the games are scheduled and when the uefa 2nd leg is.

    where's morrison today (fa cup semi)? is he hurt?

    and is rochemback cup tied? because then he's more likely to play in the league games. he's a punk, but takes kicks. ;-)

  5. Chris O.11:46 AM

    And Schwarzer may have just been injured out of the season. So maybe Jones becomes a good bet.