Update from Old Trafford...

Looks like Saha is injured, possibly seriously. RvN now enters the no-brainer category if you have the $$...


  1. Chris O.10:40 PM

    A minor injury sustained in training means Louis Saha is unlikely to face Sunderland but the France international will be available for Monday's trip to Tottenham.


    RvN probably still a very good bet but not quite a lock for me. I'm prefering Giggs Rooney and Ronaldo for the money picks.

  2. i've rooney, ronaldo, gary and VDS. now im consider to drop gary (@9.xx) and emre to get rvn.

  3. Is Emre injured? ANYONE? omg i have him, is he gonna play against Sunderland?

  4. Chris O.2:10 PM

    According to a couple sites, Emre was injured and Dyer was his replacement.

    Funny week. Breen got more points for me than Ronaldo.

  5. Bad week for me.
    Saw my lead at the top of my league cut from 80 pts to 20 pts no thanks to Ameobi, Emre, Vidic and Christanval (tho I didnt expect much from him).

    Baros and Bouma to go!

  6. Jake Langford2:07 PM


    I am more than pleased with the update after the first game - though I feel robbed re. D'alessandro - who is now worth a fortune despite turning in a 2.5 pts performance. All hail Baros, who I bought with the money i raised from dropping Adebayor who was at +9.4 something or other. Hurt to drop him, but had to be done.

    A little worried that the inevitable bookings in the Newcastle game will cost me dear.

    Am within 7.5pts of my rival in one group - and after trailing all season, I may do a Man Utd against Newcastle and over take him right at the death. Which would be sweet.

  7. http://uk.premiership.fantasysports.yahoo.com/football/103395?week=36

    Baros saved me. Still 50 points in front of rival BUT might get slaughtered today, tomoz and day after, since ameobi, emre and christanval are either injured or not playing. Not sure bout Bouma he missed Villa's last game altogether!

    ... cruel game.