Spreading the Media Empire

Jeremy is forever giving me a hard time about not posting my articles from other sites. So, here's the latest.

If you're more inclined toward audio content, here's the archive of my radio appearance this past weekend (warning to the non-MLS fans in the audience - and I assume that's most of you - there's some EPL/Champions League talk but mostly it's about the start of the MLS season). From the link above, click on Segment 6 and fast forward to the 10th minute.


  1. Anonymous6:23 AM

    Is ManUtd having double games this week? I refresh my Week 35 team page and sometimes it shows ARS, othertimes ARS, SUN.

    Can Yahoo just make up their minds?!

  2. Anonymous6:25 AM

    OMG, what's happened?

    ManU's double game isn't showing for this week! And Arsenal's hasn't been put up either!

  3. Kahzaad9:02 AM

    MANU's game will be removed, and treated as part of next week's Easter fixture. (which means next week's deadline will be moved to Friday).

    Also, POR vs ARS game in midweek will be most likely added to the fixture list before the deadline.

    In Summary, ARS, POR will have double games this week (assuming Yahoo update) and MANU will have a single game.

    ARS and MANU will have double fixtures next week. Actually all of 16 teams have double games in week 36. That should clear some things. However, thats my impression of how things stand now. Hope this helps. Its sad we cant start a topic on this blog. I wanted to post on this topic earlier but couldn't !!