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Kevin Kyle is unlikely to figure after being scalded in an accident at home.
Uh-huh. What they don't tell you is:
From SI's 10-spot:

I hate when that happens: A soccer player in England had to miss time recently because he spilled boiling water on his privates. Kevin Kyle, who plays for Sunderland in the Premiership, was feeding his 8-month-old son, Max, with the infant perched on his knee. But Max kicked the jug of hot water Kyle was holding to warm up a milk bottle, spilling the scalding liquid in his lap. Here's our favorite line from the story: "It is understood to have burnt Kyle's testicles and his inner thigh." Great use of the passive voice. It almost sounds as if Kyle said to a reporter, "Hey, I can show you where the burn is," and the reporter responded, "No! I'll take your word for it!"
Hat tip to Toby for the full story.

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