Desperately Seeking Danny

Jenas blow for Spurs
Tottenham Hotspur have suffered a blow with the news that Jermaine Jenas is out of their crucial derby clash with Arsenal on Saturday.

The England midfielder has suffered shin injury during training on late on Friday and he has been forced to pull out of the clash at Highbury.
It's amazing that this news got out today. Normally this is the kind of thing you find out only as the teams take the pitch.

So Jenas, Tainio and Davids are out or doubtful. That leaves Carrick and Lennon certain starters. Does Jol keep his diamond with Murphy at the point and Reid on the left? Does he throw Huddlestone in a holding role despite his inexperience? Or move Lennon to the left, push Stalteri into midfield and bring Kelly in as fullback on that side?

Regardless, it looks a good chance for Danny Murphy to step into (and up in) a BIG game. While he probably won't be at the top of your 'must buy' list tonight, it does raise questions about Tot as a whole in this match. I have Keane in the squad as he's been unstoppable for the last month or so. Is this the weekend he's stopped?


  1. WEEK 38!

    4 games?!! I'm going mad

  2. Chris O.11:54 AM

    Ok, why did Tottenham buy Murphy if they're only going to play him for 15 minutes with that many team injuries?

    And I really don't know if any # of games could get me to buy Middlesbrough players. It is pretty insane that this many games are getting crushed into the final fantasy week.