Some quick analysis...

The blog editor didn't let me in earlier today when I had time so I'm going to have to make this pretty quick...

I'm still pretty high on the ManYoo guys given their form and their schedule during the two-game period. Without any injury reports, it's a bit difficult going but the following are great bets - Rooney, Giggs, Ronaldo, Neville, Rio, and EvdS. Silvestre, Brown, Vidic, Park, Saha, RVN, and Fletcher are good bets but you may end up bitter depending on SAF's selection policy (no injury listed for Fletcher despite that being the stated reason for his exclusion vs. Arsenal). My take on Heinze is that while he may be on the substitute's bench for both matches, it makes more sense to get him for next week rather than the upcoming week.

As far as non-ManYoo guys go, I don't have very many in my line-up but I figured I'd discuss briefly anyway. Dean Ashton has OK match-ups and is dirt cheap (under 6). Sticking with Adebayor or Samaras through the one-game week isn't a terrible idea but if you need to make up points, it's probably time to take the risk and go for a two gamer. Harewood is more expensive than Ashton but wouldn't be a bad choice either. At Chelsea, the song remains the same. If I were confident that Crespo would be selected for both matches, I'd probably go with him but at best, it's a calculated risk.

In midfield, D'Alessandro has been playing well as Pompey have been picking up points consistently - playing Boro and CHA doesn't hurt either. Charles N'Zogbia is another possibility based on the combination of price, production and match-ups - not a no-brainer but might be a good idea if you need to free up some money for one of the high priced Red Devils.

N'Zogbia's teammate Given is another cheap option that could pay off big based on match-ups.

At the back Sadler and Naysmith are the two value picks this week - neither is likely to set the world on fire based on their match-ups but in a world where the good defenders cost 8 or 9, there is some value in $6 defenders...

Good luck and happy shopping...


  1. Anonymous9:04 PM

    What do you guys think of Steven Carr. I like Newcastle's matchups a lot and he should probably start 2 games given the dropoff in quality behind him.

  2. Can someone help me figure this out? I need to pick one midfielder from these four -

    Kevin Nolan (CHE,@WBA)
    Joe Cole (@BOL,EVE)
    Park Ji-Sung (SUN,@TOT)
    Pedro Mendes (MID,@CHA)

    Also, Pennant(@AST,BLA) or Milner(AST,@WIG)? I'd automatically go with Milner but considering he's not 100% yet, I'm not sure . . .

  3. vonmixer2:10 AM

    Park or Pennant out of your options, check the Manu team news before the deadline